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By Intesol India on 12/07/2018

Importance of Pre Primary Teacher Training Course in Early Childhood Education

Pre Primary Teacher Training Course

Childhood phase is considered to be the basic foundation stone for the matured grownups. In order to restructure the self-motivated activities of the kids and make them responsible future citizens, it is extremely important to have a proper preliminary education system in the schools. This early educational journey and experience that a child gets affect their overall development both physically and mentally...

By Intesol India on 01/07/2018

Benefits of Teaching English as Foreign Language

TEFL classroom

To begin with, we need to have an idea about what is TEFL in true sense.TEFLis a professional course undertaken for Teaching English as Foreign Language that permits every TEFL Certificate holder to earn higher paying English teaching jobs in overseas countries to non-native English speakers, as well as offers you ample opportunities for international travels to have unique cultural experiences...

By Intesol India on 20/06/2018

Strategies For Effective Lesson Planning

TEFL classroom

Planning your lesson plan is must as it is the only way to ensure that your educational objectives are attained. Planning starts with strategizing ways about how you would like your students to approach their learning, and know or be able to do tasks by the end of the learning session...

By Intesol India on 10/06/2018

All You Need To Know About Classroom TEFL Course

TEFL Teacher Career

Any TEFL course that lasts 3 weeks or longer is to provide you the best possible foundation in TEFL teaching techniques, some classroom management methodology, before you step out on your career as a TEFL teacher. This is the best course for you; if you are intend to teach nonnative English speakers abroad...

By Intesol India on 28/05/2018

Top Things to Look For In an Online TEFL Course

Online TEFL Course

Have you always wanted to travel and earn? TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language, an accredited course that allows you to get hired as an English teacher in international schools and institutes in foreign countries. TEFL course equips both experienced teachers and those with no prior teaching experience with the knowledge and qualifications needed to succeed in teaching English in classrooms abroad...

By Intesol India on 17/05/2018

Top Teaching Skills to Be a Good TEFL Teacher

TEFL Teachers

Many people have the wrong notion that if they are fluent English speakers, they can teach English smoothly, but to teach English to non-natives, you must get yourself certified as a TEFL teacher as the course equips aspiring learners with all the required teaching skills. Any aspiring teacher who wants to teach English as a foreign language can opt for a global career by doing a certified TEFL course in India. One of the key aspects of a TEFL teacher should be to encourage and motivate teachers to hunt the best TEFL course that can really make their career prospects flourish...

By Intesol India on 10/05/2018

Know the Importance of TEFL Accreditation

TEFL Certification

Heard of the term, TEFL but do not have an idea about it? Let us see what it is. TEFL is a course for Teaching English as Foreign Language that allows you to earn higher paying English teaching jobs in foreign countries to non-native English speakers all around the world, as well as gives you opportunities for international travels. To be hired in teaching jobs in abroad Schools, Universities or language institutes, you need to have a recognized certificate from an accredited TEFL training center...

By Intesol India on 03/05/2018

Guide To Join Montessori Teacher Training Course in India

Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Education is one of the most commonly used terms attached to pre-schooling and child education in India, which grooms a child from toddler stage to adulthood.The curriculum of the course has been used worldwide as an effective teaching process for several years. Teaching method requires a lot of preparation, diligence and first hand training since it stresses on interactive teaching approach and not just one way communication in the classroom...

By Intesol India on 25/04/2018

Montessori Teacher Training - Foundation Stone for Bright Career

Montessori Teacher Training

Teaching is a difficult job and teaching Montessori kids is even more complicated but an effective Montessori teacher’s training program can help to understand not only an individual’s learning interest, develop their skills set but also train the educators to integrate contemporary methodology into the classroom teaching....

By Intesol India on 16/04/2018

Top Criteria to Look For In A TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

Longing to move abroad and enjoy an adventurous life of paid vacation by TEFL? TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language, which means, a course that allows you to get better paying English teaching jobs to non-native English speakers all around the world....

By Intesol India on 07/04/2018

Why Choose Kerala for TEFL Course


INTESOL, INDIA is one of the reputed teacher training institutes that make future teachers with required skills to teach English in abroad countries. The institute provides internationally certified TEFL/TESOL courses to those, doing the course from the institute....

By Intesol India on 01/04/2018

Most Affordable Countries To Teach English Abroad In

affordable countries teach English abroad

Let us see which countries in the world will help you earn the highest salary, while offering cheap accommodation after completing a certified TEFL full course....

By Intesol India on 21/03/2018

Learn About Teacher Training Courses with Intesol India

TEFL Course

Do you really want to teach English and travel the world and also earn a good income while travelling? Enrolling yourself in an accredited TEFL course may help you shape a position for yourself in the world of teaching English to non-natives of English. TEFL primary teaching course can be a good approach to finance your travel in international countries while experiencing life abroad....

By Intesol India on 12/03/2018

Learn About TEFL Course Requirements and Qualifications

TEFL Course Requirements and Qualifications

To take up a course of TEFL, the most important pre requisite you need to have is the motivation and dedication and a desire to learn the art of English language teaching to foreign children. Educational qualifications are not always mandatory but some courses may likely to ask for your degree certificate but we Intesol India do not feel so. We don’t agree to the fact that a bright grade in certificate reflects your original merit and the desire or aspiration for a course like this....

By Intesol India on 03/03/2018

Effective TEFL Training Course-A Key to Success

TEFL Training Course

Education is to be judged by what people have learned over the years and not by how many qualifications they have earned. This can only be achieved when the teachers help to create a constructive influence or impression on the young minds of students with their teaching expertise and classroom managerial skills. Thus an effective and productive TEFL training course is much required to provide the teachers with such skills to bring a holistic development in students....

By Intesol India on 21/02/2018

Why Primary Teacher’s Training Is Mandatory in India

Primary Teacher’s Training

We all know, primary education deals with the most delicate age of learning, especially 2-12 years and so the teaching skills definitely plays an important role in every child’s life. An educator’s duty does not end with imparting education to a child but she also encourages, guides, inspires a child to develop his thinking power and eventually to love learning. The overall responsibility of a primary teacher is to enable a child a smooth transition from primary to formal education....

By Intesol India on 12/02/2018

A Complete Guide to TEFL Course

TEFL Guide

TEFL is the acronym for “Teaching English in Foreign Language” which refers to the global education of teaching English to non-native English speakers. It is similar to TESOL which stands for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”. Teaching English as a foreign language in abroad countries can prove to be a great way of funding your long term travel expense and also experiencing different cultures and lifestyles...

By Intesol India on 09/02/2018

TEFL As a Good Career Choice

TEFL Career

The demand for Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) teacher around the globe is increasing at a rapid pace due to English becoming the international language of culture and commerce. This rising demand for English educators makes one of the most sought after jobs for teaching English abroad in international schools and universities for millions of people, new or established to ensure a thousand of viable career opportunities...

By Intesol India on 22/01/2018

English Teaching Overseas without A Degree

English Teaching Overseas With TEFL

Are you interested in teaching English abroad but wandering whether possible without a college degree? Yes, now you can achieve your dream with TEFL/TESOL certification. TEFL stands for Teaching English in Foreign Language which means doing a TEFL/TESOL course aids you to teach English to non-native speakers in foreign countries. With TEFL, there are opportunities for professional teachers young and old, job seeking EFL teachers...

By Intesol India on 4/01/2018

Learn, Teach and Travel With TEFL

Learn, Teach and Travel With TEFL

A paid vacation is always exciting, so does the term TEFL. If you are a travel enthusiast and looking for a TEFL course, you must well be aware of what “Teaching English as Foreign Language” refers to and what are the scopes it provides. So, just to recollect or introduce the new-comers to TEFL it can be said that here you learn to teach English better. Most of the non-native English countries desire to have TEFL or TESOL qualified personnel to teach their students...

By Intesol India on 1/01/2018

TEFL Helps You to Explore the Traveler in You

TEFL Helps You to Explore the Traveler

If you have realized that your dream is to travel around the world and to explore another culture, then TEFL is the ideal option for you. TEFL course has everything you can ever think —from gorgeous landscapes, tranquil places, delicious delicacies, and amusing parties to welcoming people and a good salary. You can enjoy the way of life of the native people. The aspirant gets to stay longer than a tourist. The TEFL course will get you an assured teaching job and will give the support you need to excel..


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