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Introduction to INTESOL

INTESOL is a dedicated teacher training organization that trains aspiring teachers willing to teach English as a foreign language or second language. INTESOL is efficiently operational since last 23 years and writing success stories with iron hand in this field of education by training teachers. INTESOL is the oldest TEFL training institute in the world and is reputed as an esteemed body of education for the quality of teachers it produces. The credibility this organization adds to the training instruction, has fired up a global acceptance. The institute offers professionally designed TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses to guide the candidates in the best manner possible with modern techniques and proven methodologies that can be implemented in the field of teaching. INTESOL has an aim to shape global careers for TEFL enthusiasts.

Successful TEFL graduates those who have studied with us, elected us for various reasons but the common purposes we have come across are:

  • To fulfil a dream of working overseas and living in a different culture & lifestyle
  • To change their career and shape it in a better structure
  • To grow in their professional teaching career and upgrade skills
  • To develop their personal and professional skills

INTESOL does not provide any upper age limit, anyone above 18 can be a part of our family with TEFL enthusiasm. We encourage people to live their life and explore till their last breath. INTESOL appreciates a career break or career change or new career in teaching with TEFL. You do not require any previous teaching experience to pursue our courses.

INTESOL offers flexible online TEFL courses that candidates can pursue at their own pace & time and take a huge step ahead to the world of professional teaching on global scale.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of INTESOL is to provide a platform for the aspiring as well as working teachers where they can learn the detailed TEFL methodologies and modern teaching techniques to develop their skills and find a path for global teaching career and success.

    We aim to the help the teachers to grow as a better human being and a confident educator to deliver quality in the global classrooms and take the world of education ahead.

  • Why INTESOL?

    If you are planning for a career in teaching abroad and thinking about pursuing a professional training course, INTESOL could be the way. Because, when you elect INTESOL, you choose:

    • To pursue a teacher training course from reputed TEFL/TESOL provider
    • To pursue an ALAP, an esteemed UK based awarding organization, accredited TEFL course
    • To pursue to globally certified TEFL teacher training course
    • To pursue a flexible TEFL course available in different modes: online, in-class, combination of both
    • To earn an access to the world of TEFL job networks

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