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IELTS training

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which is a top grade and most popular exam for international higher studies and jobs. INTESOL offers IELTS training course which will help you to perform better in the test open up new doors of opportunity. In this age of globalization, the demand for credible EFL teachers has increased insatiably. IELTS is the way of testing English skills of yours and in order to do well and understand the purpose, you may always pursue the course and take a step closer towards your dream.


Course Curriculum

Unit 1: General Information

  • Introducing yourself to IELTS
  • About the test
  • Overview of IELTS modules (IELTS General Training & IELTS Academic)
  • Grades and grading criteria

Unit 2: Listening

  • About the Listening module
  • General advice on the Listening module for test-takers
  • Listening: Short sample test
  • Types of IELTS listening tasks
  • Skill-training for the Listening module of IELTS

Unit 3: Reading

  • About the Reading module
  • General advice on the Reading module for test-takers
  • Reading: Short sample test
  • Types of IELTS reading tasks
  • Skill-training for the Reading module of IELTS

Unit 4: Writing

  • About the Writing module
  • Task-specific and general advice for completing the Writing test
  • Useful language and activities to improve students' writing skills
  • Grading criteria for the Writing test
  • Practice test

Unit 5: Speaking

  • About the Speaking test
  • Task-specific and general advice for the Speaking test
  • Examples of IELTS Speaking questions
  • Useful language and activities to improve students' speaking skills

Unit 6: Structuring Your IELTS Course

  • Two objectives
  • Teaching one to one
  • Teaching a group
  • Getting started
  • Planning lessons
  • Completing IELTS preparation

We offer a 6 month of IELTS training course for the candidates looking for a step ahead in English teaching career. In order to apply for the course, you must be a graduate. The course is completely online and flexible for anyone to pursue at their own time and pace. You may avail this course for a reasonable fee of 15,000 INR or 220 USD along with tutor guidance and course material.

Accreditation plays an important role to evaluate educational standard and points out the scope for improvements and hence it is highly essential for any educational organization. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by ALAP. ALAP stands for Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals, based in United Kingdom. This renowned organization is a supreme institute in the ELT industry and known for maintaining a higher academic quality.

At the end of the course, all the students will be jointly certified by the institute itself INTESOL and ALAP, the accreditation body. Dual certificate will surely add up huge value to your training and career as you will be judged on your credibility while looking or applying for jobs. As the certificates are globally recognized hence it will feature a supreme platform for successful career. ALAP features transcript along with certificate which is a permanent academic report. It is available only with our course. No other institute across world features transcript with certificate.


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