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Teaching Phonetics

Teaching Phonetics

Teaching Phonetics

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Teaching Phonetics

Phonetics is known as the study of sound and has an inseparable importance in language teaching, specially teaching English as a foreign language. Phonology includes a system to analyse sounds related to grammatical forms. In order to excel in the career of English language teaching, knowledge of phonetics will play a vital role. In order to complete the training of English language teachers, INTESOL offers a 4 month course on Teaching Phonetics that includes detailed methodology about how to teach phonetics and other valuable aspects. Being an English language teacher, you may need to work on the pronunciation and spoken fluency of your students. Hence knowledge on teaching phonetics will help you to guide your students in a better manner and to make them understand about the importance of phonetics in language learning. This knowledge can surely boost your career graph as it will make you a better educator with time and implementation. 

Phase 1


  • What is Phonology and Phonetics?
  • Segmental and Supra Segmental Phonology


Phase 2


  • Organs of Speech
  • Consonants
  • Vowels


Phase 3


  • Phonetic Transcription
  • Stress and Intonation


Phase 4


  • Weak and Strong Forms
  • Why teach pronunciation


Teaching Phonetics is an integral part of English language teaching. INTESOL offers a specialized course on Teaching Phonetics for the candidates looking to upgrade their skills in phonetics and utilize it as a strength in their English teaching credibility. Any high school passed or graduate may apply for the course. It is a 4 month course which is conducted online completely. You may avail this specialized course for 10,000 INR or 146 USD.

Accreditation has an important role to play for the improvement of any educational organization as it deals with quality evaluation and content support. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals (ALAP). This renowned organization is UK based and a supreme institute in the ELT industry, known for maintaining a higher academic quality.

ALAP and INTESOL jointly certifies all the students on successful completion of the course. The certificates feature eligibility to the students for experiencing the real scenario with basic knowledge and credibility. The certificates are globally recognized and are highly beneficial to earn a global teaching career. You will also receive a transcript as the permanent academic report from ALAP that you will not get from any other organization offering similar training in this relative field.


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