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Learn About Teacher Training Courses with Intesol India

Learn About Teacher Training Courses with Intesol India

TEFL Course

Do you really want to teach English and travel the world and also earn a good income while travelling? Enrolling yourself in an accredited TEFL course may help you shape a position for yourself in the world of teaching English to non-natives of English.

TEFL primary teaching course can be a good approach to finance your travel in international countries while experiencing life abroad. With Intesol, fresh candidates as well as experienced professionals can do this course to seek international teaching experience especially in South Asian countries.

What is TEFL?

The word TEFL is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are other acronyms for TEFL like TESL which means Teaching English as a Second Language and TESOL which means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

After completing a TEFL/TESOL course from Our Institute, you will be awarded a TEFL accredited certificate which will open up prospects for international travel, living abroad and earning decent money by teaching English language to non-native English speakers of foreign countries.

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Who can do the course?

  • Fresh graduates wishing to take a professional teaching job abroad.
  • People above 20 years, having completed his bachelor’s degree in any stream.
  • Mid aged people or people on verge of retirement and willing to shift their profession.
  • Qualified English teacher, be it primary or post-primary wanting to teach overseas.
  • Individual wanting to act as voluntary teachers for valuable public service of educating the young.
  • A person having a strong expertise over native English speaking, reading and writing.

We at Intesol, offer professional TEFL course to open up your opportunity for teaching English internationally while experiencing different culture, and life style while earning a lucrative money.

Intesol also offers online and classroom TEFL/TESOL certification. We also provide courses for Online Pre and Primary Teacher’s Training, Montessori and nursery teaching for the early childhood educators looking for a successful career in primary teaching.

Types of Courses available

  1. Online TEFL course: This course deals with methodologies in learning essential skills and interactive techniques in language that help learners find teaching jobs anywhere in the world. The entire coursework consists of 120 hour to 350 hour course of varying units divided into modules like phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, reading, speaking and writing, audio visual aids, classroom management, preparing lesson plans and teacher development program.
  2. Classroom TEFL course: These customized courses allow the candidate to participate in the live classroom activities and learn with a more systematic structure. Our Classroom course is available in Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Kerala and Pune. The course length involves 120hours or 3 Weeks program consisting of Activity learning, interactive sessions, grammar, phonology, lesson planning.
  3. Pre and Primary Teaching: These Diploma courses are designed to equip the aspiring primary educators with the current teaching methodologies ranging from nursery to class 5.We understand the present primary school’s curriculum scenario and redesign our courses with the latest teaching techniques.

All our TEFL courses are dedicated to educate both prospective and professional teachers with 21st century teaching approaches and methodologies that makes learning much more goal oriented and productive and come with internationally recognized certificates that aids a candidate to get employed at a reputed global language institute, school or University.

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