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TEFL and TESOL: A New Path of Career

TEFL and TESOL: A New Path of Career

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Day after day the competition is becoming intensely stiff and the candidates are often not being able to strike the right chord! Moreover, there are numerous paths but the apt has to be chosen to shine in life. Amid such a situation where one really finds between the devil and the deep sea, courses like TEFL and TESOL have been introduced and surprisingly the response is overwhelming! Undoubtedly the courses are designed to benefit the students on a large scale and help them to build their career smoothly.

The Kernel of the Story:

It is something to note that people often develop a sense of prejudice which acts as a barrier of development. When such courses appeared before the mass, they used discouraging comments, but eventually such talks disappeared. The myth that they are not going to stay long is busted. However, it is interesting to note that people who opt for such courses will successfully become an efficient language instructor, open up own school, Teach globally after the completion of the course and obtaining the Globally recognized Teaching certificate. Moreover, three things are to be there to fetch you a standard of international recognition: knowledge, flexibility and experience.

TEFL Courses

Career Car:

The courses like TEFL and TESOL also aid candidates to get equipped with the tools like abroad teaching, online teaching, IELTS trainer/examiner, corporate trainer, freelance language trainer and also communicative language teacher in International schools. After all there are countless openings once you complete the course, earn the recognition and jump into the field with unshakeable confidence!

TEFL, A Buzzword in Delhi:

Delhi, being the capital of the nation is known for its marbel wonder. A place which stands tall and bears a concrete testimony to the history of our land, gastronomically delicacies and crowded lanes and by lanes. The demand for the courses like TEFL and TESOL is sky high. The presence of the crisscross cultures across the city accounts for its popularity. People over there still believe that the future is much secured in abroad. In fact TEFL provides a clear picture of the understanding of the method and the class management skills. Hence teaching is a passion here. There is a huge craze for acquiring a TEFL certificate to upgrade their curriculum vitae to travel far and wide to translate their dreams into reality.

A Potent Cause for Women Empowerment:

Breaking the cultural barriers, the fairer gender has moved steadily to discover a place of its own in the society. After managing the household chores, they peacefully sit for their own development. The skills required for writing, reading and speaking are developed by them and they emerge victorious as they travel from one place to another and proclaim to be self reliant in every possible domain explored by them. Moreover, they share, interact and learn as the internet helps them to a large extent! The creative angle is also in vogue. Video blogs are created by them. And last but not the least, as they have learnt the tools and techniques of client analysis, digital marketing and promotional schemes, money cannot stay away from them. They earn and live their life on their own terms. This is a positive sign of their growth indeed!


In today's academic scenario, there is no other path but to embrace TEFL and TESOL. Both are showing miracles in an individual's development. But what we need is more and more of public promulgation in different forms and contents. Keeping the general trend at bay, the academic field is in the state of its absolute expansion and we, the worshippers of education must encourage this act to create a few better people for the tomorrow's world!!

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