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150 hour TESOL

INTESOL offers 150 hour TESOL course to certify aspiring EFL teachers with latest teaching methodologies and skills. The course includes superlative quality of academic content that prepares future educators with best potential and boost confidence in them to stand in the global classrooms. The course features qualification which helps in finding job across the world and also helps in taking a step ahead in professional career. As the course is available online hence you can study at your place and pace. You can easily use your laptop or computer and select your own time to study. Pursuing this course might open up your door of opportunity for travelling and exploring.


How to organize your study time?

Ø  Personal motivation

Ø  Planning and organizing study time; timetabling, study periods, realistic planning

Ø  Study techniques; making notes, concept maps, nuclear notes, mnemonics

Ø  5 step reading techniques; selection, recognition, extraction, organization and transfer of information

Ø  How the course works; role of tutor, tutor assessed and self-study tasks



Module 1 

Ø  Deductive Analysis and use of grammars

Ø  Parts of speech and grammatical terminology

Ø  The tense system, reported speech, active and passive

Module 2 

Ø  Elements of pronunciation: intonation including rising and falling tones, sentence stress, weak forms

Ø  Sounds of the language/phonology; word stress, schwa sound, phonemic chart

Ø  Teaching a ‘pronunciation point’

Module 3 

Ø  Lexis selection: frequency and appropriacy

Ø  Lexis formation: synonyms and antonyms, word stems, parts of speech including prefixes and suffixes




Module 1 

Ø  Overview of ESOL issues

Ø  Being a caring teacher, involving students, using realistic language, keeping the students attention, teacher talking time, correction, levels in ESOL teaching, visual aids, use of mother tongue

Ø  Teaching for exams: Cambridge ESOL, Professional English Examinations, TOEFL etc.

Ø  The role of grammar, classroom techniques, one to one teaching

Module 2 

Ø  Listening and Reading: skills and the textbook, different kinds of listening, available materials

Ø  Reading in a foreign language: types of reading, types of texts, writing comprehension questions, stages of reading activities, designing reading activities

Module 3 

Ø  Speaking and Writing: what it’s like speaking in a foreign language, setting up speaking activities, types of speaking activities, discreet sound teaching, issues in teaching writing, the nature of writing as a skill, organizing and planning writing activities

Module 4 

Ø  Visual Aids: study of all the audio-visual aids available

Ø  Production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannel graph.

Module 5

Ø  Error: looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.




Module 1 

Ø  Learning and teaching; seating, name, teacher talk time, use of questions, ways of differentiating, managing interruptions, learning styles

Ø  Lesson Stages and Plans

Module 2 

Ø  Parts and stages of a lesson

Ø  Time management, group, needs analysis, writing aims and objectives, predicting problems, sample lesson plans at a range of levels 

The 150 hour Online TESOL Course takes a duration of 6 months to be completed where learning teachers can upgrade their EFL teaching skills and knowledge. You have to be a graduate in any discipline to apply for the course. The delivery method of the course will be completely online. You can download the course material for offline study as well. This course can be pursued at a very reasonable fee of 20,000 INR or 295 USD along with tutor guidance and course material.

Accreditation is the quality assessment process required for evaluation and improvement which is essential for any educational organization. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by esteemed international body ALAP. It stands for Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals which is based in United Kingdom and known for maintaining a higher academic quality. This renowned organization is one of the supreme institutes in the ELT industry.

150 hour TESOL is a dual certificate course. On successful completion of the course, the students will be certified by INTESOL and ALAP. The certificates will speak about your eligibility in teaching and play an anchor role in your professional global career. You will be also given a transcript from ALAP as your permanent academic record. This added value to the certificate will not be available in any other institute across the globe featuring similar training.

150 hour online tesol certificate
150 hour online tesol certificate

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