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Explore The TEFL and TESOL Course in India!

Explore The TEFL and TESOL Course in India!

TEFL Courses

Do you seriously feel that becoming a good teacher is that difficult if you are missing your bachelor degree? Your passion for teaching kids can never be replaced by anything. If life gives you a thousand reasons to smile, surely being with kids is one of them.

In today’s world, education is the foremost thing not only for getting recognised amongst the crowd but also for keeping yourself away from fraud. Just having your wisdom isn’t enough but utilising it in the right direction and at the right time also helps you to grow.

Overall, you’re grooming and knowledge can help you live a hassle-free life. If you are aware of your basic rights, then it won’t be a problem to impart the same to the next generation, who are almost ready to absorb anything that they are taught, told or shown.

TEFL Course

There are numerous courses in today’s world other than general degree courses that can help you in shaping your career right. Firstly, these courses not only help you in becoming a teacher but also help you in improving the teaching methods. The TEFL and TESOL course helps you with the detailed guidelines to excel in the field of teaching English to foreign students. Secondly, these courses are for both aspiring and working TEFL teachers. Therefore, it is dedicated to enhance the skills as a professional TEFL educator and make you a complete expert in what you are best at. Thirdly, TEFL course in Kolkata not only provides you with a globally recognised certificate but also opens new possibilities when it comes to teaching English as a foreign language. Hence, it will boost your employability and make you eligible to opt for EFL/ESL teaching across the globe. So, all the travel freaks, buck up! Here is the opportunity for you to travel across the world and impart English as a teacher while earning heavily at the same time.

Two Types of TEFL Courses are as Follows:

  • Online TEFL course: Our online course provides accredited certificate course that leads to solid careers in the field of teaching English to non-native speakers around the world. We offer varied online courses of 120 hours, 150 hours to 350 hours consisting of 4 to 7 units depending on the length of the course you choose.
  • Classroom TEFL Course: Our in- house TEFL courses enables you to get equipped with modern teaching techniques and classroom management techniques by a team of expert and experienced professionals. This full time course is 140 hours or 3weeks in various locations like Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Pune, Delhi and more, covering a number of modules in each unit.

Well, there are many more to this and all you teacher’s have a wide range to choose from, happy teaching!

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