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Everything You Need To Know - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Everything You Need To Know - Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL Course

In the post independent India, English has acquired a prime importance not only in the traditional curriculum but also in some areas where this language is treated as a foreign one, apart from its conventional colour of being a "global language". It is not only replete with a sense of glamour and glitz but also opens up new vistas for "experiment" and "analysis" as well!

A Look at TEFL:

When the question of gaining a firm ground comes to the fore, TEFL really tops the list in the accepted sense of term. But TEFL course is not taught everywhere. There are specific place where the course is being taught seriously to the pupils. The Kolkata British Council is one such location where this course is being conducted by following the expert advice. Besides the whole matter is executed in the mode of "smart class room teaching process".

The availability of audio visual aids makes the matter interesting and professionally equips those who want to make a foray into the teaching profession. However, you must have a Bachelor's degree in English and a certification course like TEFL to earn the status of eligibility, both here and abroad.

TEFL Courses

Course Fee Structure:

Getting professionally trained is not an easy task for everyone. The course fee is high and therefore cannot be afforded by one and all. One has to be financially sound to enrol oneself in the course before embarking on such a long journey of teaching!

Impact of TEFL:

Breaking the myth that the job after the course does not ensure a permanent security, interested people have really moved ahead to be their own "boss". You can have your own school. You can also be the director of famed language institute(s). Moreover, the full time teaching provisions are there in private and public schools as well. Jobs in the publishing world, non profit organisation and many more are not far away from the 'trained' professionals. And if the competency is a bit more, posts like 'resettlement specialist, 'technical writer' and 'placement advisor' are also on the list! On the other hand, it is pretty interesting to note that the impact of TEFL course is tremendous on the women, making them socio-economically independent. In other words, TEFL has contributed to a large extent in the "woman empowerment".

As English Language ensures enough flexibility, the various courses based on this language have been widely popular among us. In the present competitive world where a comprehensive knowledge of the language in its different domains viz reading, speaking and writing has become a matter of compulsion, courses like TEFL and others ought to be hailed with open arms to smoothen the path of our professional progress in the accepted sense of term!!

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