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The World of Montessori: Shaping Destiny!

The World of Montessori: Shaping Destiny!

Montessori Teacher Training

It is often asserted with a touch of amazing aplomb that 'teaching' is something which ought to be in the blood and not something like that of the acquired reflexes. To teach, train and guide, one should have enough potential and a strong eagerness to give one's best in order to receive the best. But it is always a better step to begin from the root, the other name of which is "Montessori Teaching". Not every individual can be a perfect Montessori teacher as it demands a lot of affection, patience and hard work. After all teaching 'the buds' is not always a pretty easy task to execute in the accepted sense of term.

Montessori Teacher Training Course

The Tale of Teaching:

As the work completely deals with the little kids, enough class management and man management skills are required to be nurtured by the Montessori Teachers. They should bear in mind that they are not teaching the matured individuals, rather focusing on them who are going to be the future of the nation. First, a homely ambience is to be created so that the child doesn't harbour the element of solitude in the class. Secondly, the child cannot be taught continuously for hours. He or she should be given frequent breaks so that teaching becomes an interesting phenomenon and not an act of boredom. Thirdly, the child should not feel that he or she is away from his or her parents. The teacher should be affectionate and mother like in her attitude towards the child. Fourthly, the child should be enabled to look beyond the books. Here the responsibility lies with the teacher. Fifthly, it should be borne in mind that the training of the innocent souls is indeed a big factor and therefore should be done with smartness and care. A child is like the seed down for a full grown plant. The plant is to be watered everyday so that it can give fruits and shades to all and sundry.

The Various Forms of Recognition:

Before one opts for teaching in this domain, one needs to have requisite qualification(s). Here are a few:

  • Certificate Course: This is a six month course where the basics are taught to the candidates. Teaching techniques and lesson planning are taught before they earn a globally recognised certificate.

  • Diploma Course: A one year course that encompasses the essential areas of early childhood training, classroom management and lesson planning. After the completion a globally recognised diploma will be awarded to begin with a global career.

  • Post Graduate Course: A one year or an eighteen months course where the candidates get to learn the skills and acquire the desired knowledge needed to excel in this professional world. Ranging from the lesson planning to a more systematic approach to teaching, everything is emphasized before they go and earn an international recognition for a bright career.

The Factor of Cost Effectiveness:

Various Institutes across the country are offering such courses at an affordable course fee. The only thing one has to do is to enrol one's name and start studying the course before one becomes quite eligible to teach the tiny tots.

Most of us who love to teach and train begin at a higher level. But teaching the kids truly gives a different kind of happiness and contentment. Undoubtedly they are naughty, but they are innocent and innovative too. "You can be with them if you want to be with them"- the statement is still fresh today as it was a century ago. It is apt to quote," make yourself little and remain little as the little ones have always a place in this world". An honest thought indeed!!

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