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Top Teaching Skills to Be a Good TEFL Teacher

Top Teaching Skills to Be a Good TEFL Teacher

TEFL Teachers

Many people have the wrong notion that if they are fluent English speakers, they can teach English smoothly, but to teach English to non-natives, you must get yourself certified as a TEFL teacher as the course equips aspiring learners with all the required teaching skills. Any aspiring teacher who wants to teach English as a foreign language can opt for a global career by doing a certified TEFL course in India. One of the key aspects of a TEFL teacher should be to encourage and motivate teachers to hunt the best TEFL course that can really make their career prospects flourish.


Vital Skills for TEFL/TESOL Teachers:

  • Good Speaker: An ideal teacher possesses an excellent command over the English language, both spoken and written. The teacher need to develop a strong bond with students and establishes trusting relationships through clear communication.

  • Patience: The one quality all successful TEFL teachers have in common is patience level. As TEFL teacher gets to deal with varied number of children, with different personal thoughts and moods, patience is very much needed to answer to different queries and handle different temperament.

  • Lateral Thinking: A professional teacher has the power of imagination and ability of idea generation for resolving any classroom problem through his or her creative approach.

  • Teaching Style: An ideal teacher encourages student’s participation in all discussions and facilitates interactions with the class effectively to help students develop their confidence and classroom learning.

  • Clear Objectives: Every TEFL teacher forms clear, attainable objectives for each lesson module and begin teaching in a manner, to meet those specific curriculum objectives within the set period.

  • Disciplined Skills: It is one of the main elements of classroom management as discipline ensures adherence of classroom standards and guidelines. A professional, disciplined teacher also sets a good example for the children who try to grasp the disciplined nature of their teachers and inculcate good behavior in themselves.

  • Classroom Management Skills: Classroom management skills are the one which every TEFL teacher should possess. For effective classroom management, a teacher has to have problem solving skills, an emphatic attitude towards student’s problem, observation power and most importantly, he should be able to make the class interesting because if students are motivated and get interest in the subjects, classroom will be automatically managed.

  • Time Management Skills: A true professional ensures that the curriculum is completed within a specified period besides engaging students to prepare assignments on time but allowing them to have their personal hobby time. ATEFL teacher shall strategically organize the day by planning the priorities still managing to give time to students to relax and lighten up.

So to be a good teacher, you need to be student-oriented, creative, flexible, good listener and definitely have to have good knowledge of all the subjects and curriculum.

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