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  • English has become a global mode of communication, therefore, the demand for efficient English trainers is escalating every minute leading to a vast number of job opportunity for the Certified English language trainers across the globe.
  • INTESOL provides an opportunity to feel, enjoy and live a life of an English language teacher while traveling throughout the world.
  • INTESOL certification provides a chance for each and every individual to come out of their old career and enjoy a new beginning as an English Language teacher.
  • Being a teacher is not like any other monotonous profession and involves a lot of job satisfaction, learning, self motivation and development, guiding and mentoring of the students. This is an attractive and challenging career option for those professionals who want to escape the corporate life and also for those who want to become a successful English language teacher while traveling worldwide.
  • The most promising reason to become a TEFL certified teacher is to get into a process of learning and delivering knowledge while enjoying a handsome salary package leading to a decent and healthy lifestyle.
  • Most often people do get jobs in a private language school/ in a kindergarten/ Montessori/ primary/ secondary/ elementary/ junior high/ middle or high schools after they complete the certification course successfully but it is not hard to get a job of teaching in an organization as a soft skills trainer or as a lecturer in a college. But, to get a decent job in an university, a person has to be equipped with higher qualification and years of teaching or professional experience to match up the requirement of the employer. Some jobs are also available which requires minimum qualification like a job of an assistant language teacher in a public school or state school. A TEFL certification can definitely help an individual to get such a job and climb up to a successful career.
  • Apart from English language teaching and training jobs there are various other job opportunities namely communication trainers, English improvement mentors, soft skills trainers jobs that a TEFL certified trainer can look for.
  • The employment opportunities of an English language teacher are spread across the border. Along with Asia, there are other counties like European nations, Latin American countries, Gulf States and many more are offering lucrative salaries along with other necessary facilities for the English language trainers to establish a good standard of education across the countries.
  • Apart from the regular salary, a TEFL job often comes with lucrative bonus and various benefits like free food and accommodation, health or medical insurance, different bonus, incentives and many more.
  • For all of our students, TEFL has become a life changing experience with handful of opportunities that changed their life significantly to push them towards a healthy and decent lifestyle full of excitement and learning.


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