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Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English

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Teaching Business English

As globalization has struck the world market hence everything has become business oriented. Communication plays an important role in any global operation. So the demand for learning business English has increased big time. INTESOL offers 6 month of Teaching Business English course to guide the interested candidates looking for a career in teaching. The course guides the candidates with detail knowledge about how teaching business English is different from traditional English teaching and how effective result can be produced, the procedures, the methodologies and the techniques. The certificate which is awarded on completion can surely add up huge credibility for the professional career. Pursuing the course can open up opportunity to work as a corporate trainer across the world and earn a living to crave for. 


Types of E.S.P. – this looks at the purpose for which the student needs to learn English
TASK – Identifying learners.



Class profiles, needs analysis and motivation
TASK – Identifying learner groups and their motivation. Ways of increasing motivation and maintaining motivation.



Testing and Examinations – looking at placement and diagnostic tests, progress tests, types of testing etc.
TASK – Test design, marking and monitoring progress



English for Academic Purposes
TASK – Looking at different types of exercise and identifying the purpose of each; note writing etc.



English for Occupational purposes – looking at anaphoric reference, substitution, ellipsis, coherence markers etc.
TASK – Planning lessons on note-taking, telephone skills etc.



Lesson and Syllabus planning – choosing textbooks, designing your own materials.
TASK – Designing a syllabus and detailed lesson plans from given class profiles or your own if you have access to students. There are many examples of exercises and texts given throughout the course. 

Teaching Business English is a 6 month program offered by INTESOL to guide the aspiring teachers and corporate trainers for achieving a successful global career in near future. Any graduate in any discipline is eligible to apply for the course. The course is completely online and comes with great flexibility. You need to spend only 15,000 INR or 220 USD to pursue the course and you will get tutor guidance and course material support within your tuition fee.

Accreditation has an important role to play for the improvements of any educational organization as it deals with quality evaluation and content support. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals (ALAP). This renowned organization is UK based and a supreme institute in the ELT industry, known for maintaining a higher academic quality.

ALAP and INTESOL jointly certifies all the students on successful completion of the course. The certificates feature eligibility to the students for experiencing the real scenario with basic knowledge and credibility. The certificates are globally recognized and are highly beneficial to earn a global teaching career. You will also receive a transcript as the permanent academic report from ALAP that you will not get from any other organization offering similar training in this relative field.


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