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Top Things to Look For In an Online TEFL Course

Top Things to Look For In an Online TEFL Course

Online TEFL Course

Have you always wanted to travel and earn? TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language, an accredited course that allows you to get hired as an English teacher in international schools and institutes in foreign countries. TEFL course equips both experienced teachers and those with no prior teaching experience with the knowledge and qualifications needed to succeed in teaching English in classrooms abroad.

Easy access to so many well-marketed programs on the digital market makes difficult as to which online TEFL program is best suited for your purpose.

Criteria of a good online TEFL course are Accreditation, practicum, standard course length and job placement assistance. Online courses are flexible in nature as you can do it anytime and from anywhere in the world, whereas on-site courses are more hands-on and intensive.

TEFL Guide

It can be overwhelming, but here are a few points you should consider when you are looking for an online TEFL course:

  • Minimum 120 Hours of Coursework: Always remember that a TEFL program of less than 120 hours can be legitimate, but may not qualify you for a TEFL job in all countries. There are several quality online and onsite TEFL courses to impart you basic teaching education and skills but a standard accredited TEFL course incorporates at least 120 hours of class or four weeks of classwork. Our online course comprises of minimum 120 hours or six months academic coursework having total four units with an additional bonus unit.

  • Live Practical Teaching: An online TEFL course offers a practical classroom application, rather than theoretical knowledge. Tutor support is provided for resolving queries, especially helpful to first time learners where a live tutor on other side of the device solves your queries and provide feedback. You can practice mock teaching in front of experienced and qualified teachers.

  • Accredited And Recognized: It is important for you to remember that a standard TEFL course should have accreditation from international accrediting bodies to prove its quality conformance. Most of the global language schools give preferences to globally certified EFL teachers than non-certified. Accreditation guarantees that the service and the course provided by the TEFL provider conform to international standards of teaching, full training hours and practicum classes by highly qualified educators. We provide accreditation certificate from ALAP which is considered to be an absolute institute in the ELT industry.

  • Adequate Instruction Provided: Online TEFL courses are classified by the hours of instruction, and many providers offer a range of options but the basic industry standard is 120 hours of training course or ranging from four weeks to six months. The main purpose of online TEFL certification is to finally get hired in a good ESL teaching job abroad, so looking for less than 100 hours or reducing the amount of hours of instruction to curtail your expenditure will not serve you well in the long run.

  • Highly Qualified Tutors: Online TEFL course should include a qualified, private tutor having University experience, which will review your course work and give his feedback on lesson plans. These tutors offer their expert guidance, with know-how to structure lessons and classroom management skills.

  • Accessible and Flexible: There is no doubt that online courses are easily accessible than classroom training in terms of removing geographical barriers and flexible in nature, allowing you to study as and when you want.

  • Economical: Online courses are more pocket-friendly and affordable than on-site courses as it does not involve secondary costs like accommodation, food and transportation. Online course fees vary, depending on the length of the course, and there are a range of different course types targeted to specific groups like young learners. Our online course of 120 hours coursework is US dollar 220.

With our excellent training and job placement assistance and internationally recognized certification, you will have every opportunity to travel and teach English abroad.

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