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The Primary Teacher's Training Courses: After all the ROOT MATTERS!

The Primary Teacher's Training Courses: After all the ROOT MATTERS!

Primary Teacher's Training Course

With aplenty dreams in eyes, a child's parents takes him or her to a reputed institute to get his mind and soul properly and adequately trained to envisage the future days with enough confidence. And to reach that state of life, the root is to be taken care of, which stems from the primary level of education!

The Bond Between the Two Souls:

After a child enters the class with a vision, he or she is to be handled discreetly! The motherly affection is something which a child always looks for with a fierce concentration. Secondly, the child cannot be taught for more than three hours, and frequent breaks should be his or her cup of tea to soothe his nerves and relax his mind. Thirdly, a child must not be rebuked for silly causes. It is to be borne in mind that a child is like the petals of a flower, soft and tender and therefore to be nursed carefully! Fourthly, more than the bookish materials, he or she should be brought close to the nature. A child must be able to view beyond the books or recommended texts! And last but not the least, the teacher should ensure a complete growth of his or her mind through the tips and techniques suitable for the purpose!

Primary Teacher's Training Course

A Focus on the Courses:

  • Certificate: A six month course which comprises a complete knowledge on the pre primary and Montessori training techniques to frame lesson planning. A globally recognised certificate is provided on the completion of the course.
  • Diploma: A one year course that includes the studies on child psychology, classroom management and lesson planning. On its completion the diploma is awarded to begin with a global career.
  • Post graduate Diploma: Either an eighteen months or a two year course that confidently creates aspiring and experienced teachers. A classic blend of skills, talents and knowledge is required to excel here. A more systematic coordination, learning and framing of lesson plans form the core of the syllabus. An internationally recognised PGD will be your asset once you complete the course.

There is no dearth of professions today. But teaching is such an area which has always occupied the zenith of the story. Not only noble in texture but nurtures a sense of firm conviction to prepare the future souls of our nation. So far the bucks are concerned; the pay packet is good apart from the incentives! However, the kernel of the whole story still pays a rapt heed to the factors like interest, passion, growth, soberness and a sense of justice!! Any explanation?

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