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Is Pursuing a TEFL Program in India worth?

Is Pursuing a TEFL Program in India worth?

TEFL Courses

The escalating international demand for hiring qualified English speakers across the world has created numerous English teaching jobs for people willing to work as English teacher in foreign schools and colleges.

But, with huge amount of information store online, you may get confused about whether and how to pursue the right TEFL course. To choose the correct TEFL program that suits your preferences, all you need to do is a little research on huge array of information and learn about the importance of taking up a TEFL course. This professional level teacher training course, generally abides by minimum around 120 hours of instruction, accredited certificate and live teaching practice.

TEFL teaching course can be pursued and be beneficial to all, no matter whether he is a fresh graduate, a mid-career professional, an established professional or a retired teacher.

TEFL Course

What is Meant by TEFL?

TEFL stands for “teaching English as a foreign language”. By enrolling and getting certified by a an Accredited TEFL program in India, you can show recruiters, all over the world that you are eligible and qualified to teach English to foreign students, without needing an additional teaching certificate or prior teaching experience. Pursuing the right program course is fundamental to a lucrative ESL career.

Does Every Country Require TEFL Certification?

Some countries have a legal requirement of hiring English teachers having university degree while others hire teachers without having a college degree. With a TEFL certificate, you can teach anywhere from Asia to South America. Not all teach abroad programs need a TEFL degree but countries like South Korea and Europe won’t even look at your resume or consider you for the post if you don’t have a professional course certificate. While some language schools in China may give some kind of flexibility to its hiring rules but South Korea and Cambodia are very stringent on their TEFL policies.

Developing Essential Skills and Values

As teaching English abroad is definitely a fun adventurous job, getting to deal with students of different cultures as well as getting opportunities to travel abroad while earning. But, to be able to deal with so many children of different personalities and cultures, you need to keep in mind that there are certain qualities to be acquired in order to become a successful teacher.

When you join recognized a TEFL course whether online or on site, you will be given valuable training on gaining required skills like communication, classroom management, adaptability and lesson planning.

So, TEFL or TESOL accredited course is definitely worth doing, as it provides you the chance to earn and fund your travelling expenses overseas. TEFL certificate is also the success key to qualify yourself for better and lucrative jobs in international schools and universities. Thus, opting an accredited course can help you become more valuable in the international job market.

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