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TEFL and TESOL: Nursing the Dreams of Studying Abroad!

TEFL and TESOL: Nursing the Dreams of Studying Abroad!

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Language is the vehicle of human thoughts and opinions. It is the one and only weapon which enables us to interact in various forms to get ourselves expressed in the accepted sense of term. English Language has always been a prime focus in our current educational scenario. Different language based courses are taught at different reputed institutes of the nation. The purpose is to equip people with adequate language skills. However, realising their limitation, courses like TEFL and TESOL has appeared on the screen with all their might. It is a really a good sign that people have accepted them. And this sense of acceptance might have worked on their psychological plane as we always have a latent dream of studying in foreign countries to earn name, fame and of course money without which nothing is possible in today's world.

The Sharp Reality:

It is really a matter of great concern that people often use adverse comments when they come across something novel, something different, something unconventional! The TEFL and TESOL courses are not an exception in this regard. At the very outset of the whole story, people were not found to be taking interest in such projects. They were of the opinion that there are no such permanent jobs after completing such courses. They also opined on the lack of opportunities and the unsatisfactory pay packet! But with the passage of time their thoughts and comments melted into oblivion and now, at this very hour, thousands of opportunities are on the way right after the completion of such courses. Enough growth opportunities are there. They can be employed as full timers or part timers in different public schools. They can also have their own academic set ups or shoulder the responsibility of a director in any language institute. However, whatever is chosen, you should have knowledge, experience and flexibility. Besides other facilities are also on the pipeline like long summer vacation, good pay-packets and other academic and financial facilities as well!

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Recognition Matters:

Though the course fees are relatively high, there is nothing to fear about. Once you are strong enough to study, you will be entitled to the certificate(s) of international standard. No matter which job you apply for, a global recognition will sure give you an extra edge over others! So far the institutes are concerned, it is advisable to search the internet and collect the relevant information before you embark on this long and lucrative journey!

The Magic of ESL

It is essential to mention that the upgradation of managerial skills with classroom memory games help the aspirants a lot to fulfil their dreams. As the trend of expression is changing day by day, it is worth mentioning that the job market for the qualified TEFL professionals, there is no dearth of jobs. Ranging from private school teachers to public schools to being the owner of one's school to the governing of an honourable post like director of a reputed institute are on the list! However, it is to be noticed that despite such a growing popularity, there are still some places in our Indian subcontinent like Rajasthan, Bihar and many other northern eastern states, the impact of TEFL and its worth, qualified teachers is yet a dream to be realistic! So to bring the entire lot under the same shed to reap the benefits of this 'dream' project, more and more hard work, discipline and dedication are required in the accepted sense of term!


At this present hour we are really caught in a riddle. We often do not know what to pursue or what not. There are millions and millions of courses which are promising to create bright days for us! But a close scanning of this total conundrum will surely make us realise of the presence of a handful of courses like TEFL and TESOL which have really carved a niche for themselves. They have never helped to dream, but have helped translate those dreams into reality. They have enriched our academic zone without any iota of scepticism. So be with yourself, be with TEFL. After all, you deserve "THE BEST"!!

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