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Terms & Conditions

About the Information on this website

We always try to ensure that all the information lies in this website is accurate and complete at the same time, but some of the information are provided by third parties, therefore, we are not been able to verify the accuracy and completeness of those information for this website. We certainly are not responsible for any inaccurate information on this website supplied by you or any other website or any other person.

Your usage of this website

You are allowed to use this website only for lawful purpose while using the companies’ services. Under no circumstances, you are allowed to threaten the security of this website or any information submitted or any other information available in this website. Never try to access or manipulate or delete any information or coding on this website that you do not have the authorized access to, through any means like, spamming the flooding, using any device, crashing the software, damaging, delaying the operation of this website, dissembling or modifying any of the software etc.

On one except you are responsible for any information provided by you to his website or any of the branches of INTESOL. The liability lies with you for any sort of information provided by you to INTESOL is true, accurate, up-to-date and not misleading or likely to mislead or defraud and should not be discriminatory, obscene, offensive, defamatory or illegal, unlawful or fall into any branch of any applicable legislation, regulations, guidelines or codes of practice or copyright, trade mark or fall under any other intellectual property rights of another person from any jurisdiction. It is also your responsibility to check and provide all necessary files, data and information free of viruses or any other harmful entities that may harm, damage or interfere in any system or data, before submitting to this site. The right to remove any information provided by you at any point of time for any reason from this website without providing any explanation reserved only with us.

Interruptions and lapses in service

We always try to maintain the continuity and high standard for the website, but error, delay, omissions or interruption of service can occurs due to the internet connectivity which is beyond our reach. We are not liable for any of such error, delay, omissions or interruption of any service for this website (or any part of the site) and cannot provide any solution to that. The specification of this website may vary from time to time without any prior notice.

Links to other website

Interesting imbedded links can often be found in the website which may meet you interest but INTESOL WORLDWIDE is not liable for any of those contents lies in those websites and we are not associate or posses any commercial or any other means of connection with those websites. You will solely be responsible for any circumstances once you access those websites.

Information you submit

The information submitted by you (including, without limitation, sensitive or personal date) will be used to complete the application process and to support the administrative functions. This allows us to process and store information (including, without limitation, sensitive or personal data) received from the applicants. The collection and aggregation of the dada derived from the information given by the applicants will be done on purpose to provide them better service. You are giving us the permission to use the information (including, without limitation, sensitive or personal data) for each one of these.

connection with those websites. You will solely be responsible for any circumstances once you access those websites.


INTESOL is not liable for any loss (direct or indirect, loss of business, revenue or profits, wasted, expenditure, corruption or destruction or alteration or manipulation of data or any fact or any other indirect or consequential loss) due to the arising from the use of this website or services offered by the organization and therefore, ENTEOL is not be liable for any such reason, whether in correct, tort or otherwise. INTESOL is excluded from all representations, warranties and conditions relating to this website and your usage of this website to the maximum extent granted by the law.

You will solely be responsible to compensate for all the costs, expenses, claims, losses, liabilities or proceedings take place due to the use or misuse for this website by you.

One should immediately inform us if anyone or any organization makes or threatens to get acquire claim in relation of your usage of this website.

Applicable law

Completion of the registration, an individual is hereby affirm that he/ she is to be bound by all the “Terms and Conditions” as mentioned in this website.

This is to be considered as an agreement between the INTESOL Worldwide Ltd and myself, the applicant.

Terms of service

A person needs to be minimum of eighteen years of age to be eligible for any INTESOL certificate courses. The information provided by the applicants is used to deliver a better service to them which they are allowed to change as per their preference. The information of credit card is essential at the time of enrollment which is optional and can be avoided by paying directly for the applied courses. The credit card information is deleted from the database immediately after the processing is over which is a mandatory protocol of INTESOL to maintain the secrecy of the personal information.

Job Placement and Refund Policy (Optional)

Job placement (Optional) for a student of INTESOL can be processed within 2 weeks to 9 months after successful completion of the course and entirely depends on the available job market of the country selected by the participant. Each and every participant needs to choose at least 10 non-native English speaking countries and should patiently wait for maximum of 9 months to receive job offer after completing the course successfully.

INTESOL Certification and Membership

Once an individual applies for a certification course from INTESOL, the information like name, shipping address, email, phone number etc. are taken from the applicants to verify the identity of the applicants, validate billing, shipping materials and to provide membership to the applicant.


At the time of application, an individual should provide name and email address along with other information mentioned at the body of the mail to help to get registered. This information can be shared when and when required with a third party without providing any prior notice to respond to the quarries. Each and every email form the students are preserved to avoid any miscommunication and to improve our service for the students. Signing the contract or enrollment form, gives the permission to INTESOL to contact that individual through email or telephone as and when require.


Cookie is a small file format sent by a site aiming to identify prior users of a site to personalize the visit and because they only contain text which is not able to do any damage to the system, not hey can transmit virus into the system. The cookies are commonly used to determine the return visitors on the site by obtaining information like registration data, shopping cart, user preference, view pages, item purchased etc.

Employee Confidentiality

Employees are required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement and code of Ethics” form, right after joining the INTESOL WORLWIDE Ltd. to maintain the confidentiality of the business for the organization. The agreement stressed upon the commitment of the employees towards the protection of confidential information of the organization, including “Individual Customer information”.

Limitation of Liability

Attractive links can often be found in our website which may encourage your interest but INTESOL WORLDWIDE is not liable for any of those contents lies in those websites and we are also not associate or posses any commercial or any other means of connection with those websites, neither we indorse any for any of those website. You will only be responsible for any circumstances once you access those websites.

Total confidentiality and security is not yet achieved for this website and the contents lies and submitted to it due to the use of internet communication is subject to interception, loss and alteration of information. It is sometimes possible for a third party to view the information submitted by an applicant to this website. It is not uncommon that some messages form newsgroup landed up in unsolicited mail in the spam section. It comes under your acknowledgement that there is no surety that the confidential or sensitive information you share with INTESOL is not going to be the cause of any damage for you and if it does, then INTESOL does not hold the responsibility for that, therefore, sharing any information will be at your own risk. We do not initiate any refund for any of our courses. Once joining INTESOL and accessing the services, you acknowledge and agree with the fact that, ENTESOL WORLDWIDE Ltd., its employees, stock holders, owners, partners and affiliates are not, legally responsible (both criminally or civilly) under any court in the world for any damages to the members and are not liable for any loss, alteration of information provided to them by the applicants. It is also stated that INTESOL employees and participants for this website may suffer in any capacity through its contractual affiliates. You are acknowledging that traveling abroad is not safe all the time and for that matter ENTESOL WORLDWIDE Ltd., its employees, stock holders, owners, partners and affiliates are not responsible for any sort of damages to a member while traveling, working or living anywhere in the world. While using this website, you are agreeing with these terms. If you do not wish to agree, please exit from the website.

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