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Classroom Management Skills

Classroom Management Skills

Classroom Management Skills

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Classroom Management Skills

Classroom management is always an important part of teaching as it helps in creating suitable learning ambience. Ambience creating is very important for both the teachers and learners. It makes the learning process much more effective and worthy. Classroom management is not an easy task to perform as it requires specialized knowledge and skills to feature effective inputs. You may pursue the classroom management course offered by INTESOL, which is a 4 month course and imparts detailed knowledge about techniques required for effective management. Those days are gone when teachers were responsible for imparting knowledge. Now teachers need to take more responsibilities apart from teaching. A teacher has to be a great manager in terms of taking the responsibility of understanding how much his or her students are grasping actually and managing classroom effectively to make the lesson much more interesting & goal oriented is one of those duties. The course can surely help one to credibility as an educator.

Phase 1

  • What do we mean by Classroom Management?
  • What is learning?
  • Factors affecting learning
  • Principles of Learning


Phase 2

  • The Components
  • The Teacher
  • Multi-tasker
  • The Student


Phase 3

  • The dreaded word- Discipline
  • Stages of Discipline
  • Expected behavior
  • The Environment


Phase 4

  • The Techniques
  • Praise and criticism
  • Motivation
  • Concept Checking
  • The unforeseen


Phase 5

  • Large Group Management
  • Time and Material Management


Phase 6

  • Case Studies

Classroom management is an integral part of teaching and it requires skills. INTESOL offers a 4 month specialized course on Classroom Management for the aspiring teachers as well as the working teachers to learn the methodologies to manage classroom efficiently. Any graduate or high school passed may apply for this online course. You may avail this course for a reasonable fee of 10,000 INR or 146 USD along with tutor guidance and course material.

Accreditation is the quality assessment process required for evaluation and improvement which is essential for any educational organization. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by esteemed international body ALAP. It stands for Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals which is based in United Kingdom and known for maintaining a higher academic quality. This renowned organization is one of the supreme institutes in the ELT industry.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with two globally recognized certificates those will speak about your eligibility in this field of global teaching. You will get one certificate from the institute itself which is INTESOL and another certificate will be featured by accreditation body ALAP. The certificate will be useful for a successful career as it will produce upper hand over other applicants for the teaching job. ALAP will also feature a transcript to every student which is a permanent academic record of a student. You can avail this with our institute only.


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