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Teacher's Impact on the Outcome of Student’s Achievement

Teacher's Impact on the Outcome of Student’s Achievement

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There are many elements that contribute to a student's performance academically, including individual personality traits, family and neighborhood experiences. Recent research and studies suggest that, among school-related factors responsible for a student’s characteristics, teachers matter the most. It is not a teacher’s research record but the ability of a teacher to clearly explain a lesson that makes a difference to student learning. An ideal teacher has the ability of turning a class experience into a fun activity session with stimulating lessons for student’s educational success and enrichment. A constructive teacher training course can lead to value-added students learning as well as enhanced knowledge on the subject matter.

It is known that highly effective teachers have an enriching and inspirational effect on the daily lives of students, molding their behavior as well as helping them to achieve their educational and career aspirations. We all know practically that effective teaching by trained teachers have a direct positive impact in enhancing student learning results. Effective educators not only make students feel motivated about schools and learning process, but also that their endeavor actually results in better student career achievement. Teachers also act as a source of advice for students in taking some important life decisions like helping and inspire them to pursue higher education and explore career prospects. Students often look up to their teachers as guides having professional experience and knowledge.

Studies have proved the fact that both personal and professional qualities of students are related with higher levels of student academic achievement like verbal communication, knowledge of subject content, pedagogical knowledge, capability to use a variety of teaching strategies competently, and enthusiasm for the subject learning characterize more effective teachers.

Teacher evaluation is the process of monitoring teacher’s performance in classroom and guides them in their professional development. The best way to measure teachers' efficiency and effectiveness is to review their on-the-job performance, what and how they teach in the classroom, how well plan and complete lessons on time and how much progressive their students become through learning.

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Some of the Qualities of an Effective Teacher are:

  • Create a stimulating environment in class, engaging students in interaction.
  • Providing additional guidance and mentoring support for weaker learners.
  • Provides concrete structure and stability of teaching, correcting areas of improvement.
  • Provides encouragement in learning and offers emotional support to students at times.
  • Applies modern learning tools, teaching resources and techniques.
  • Offers first ‘hands on’ learning experience to students through practical sessions.
  • Provides opportunities for teamwork and building skills of brainstorming.
  • Develop a passion and urge for learning among students.

An ideal teacher plays an integral role in every child’s life by imparting knowledge and skills that will help children to secure their educational rights and moralities, build their self-esteem, and gain fair employment opportunities. A teacher is also likely to be a role model to students by inculcating the principles of social justice, while rightfully utilizing each student’s unique strengths.

To become a trained teaching professional, teacher training program in combination with other strategies is the best approach to improve teacher quality by improving a teacher's knowledge on subject matter, teaching classroom management tactics and different teaching methodologies because the quality of the students depends upon the quality of teachers.

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