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English Teaching Overseas without A Degree

English Teaching Overseas without A Degree

English Teaching Overseas

Are you interested in teaching English abroad but wandering whether possible without a college degree? Yes, now you can achieve your dream with TEFL/TESOL certification. TEFL stands for Teaching English in Foreign Language which means doing a TEFL/TESOL course aids you to teach English to non-native speakers in foreign countries. With TEFL, there are opportunities for professional teachers young and old, job seeking EFL teachers, with or without teaching experience, whether native English speakers or not, or those with or without University degrees.

The TEFL certificate courses undoubtedly will help you to acquire a teaching experience with state of art teaching techniques while offering opportunities to travel to exotic locations and teach in there where English is not a native language.

English Teaching TEFL

These are Amazing Places you can Teach English without a 3 Year University Degree:

  • Nicaragua: Nicaragua offers a great spot for tourism with stunning volcanic landscapes and amazing beaches while also providing huge opportunities of jobs for English teaching in language institutes, private schools and universities. Though English teachers do not require having a bachelor’s degree to teach in Nicaragua, but TEFL/TESOL Certification is preferred and TEFL-certified teachers have relatively higher demand than their uncertified peers.
  • Costa Rica: is a beautiful country with wonderful beaches, splendid mountains, and tropical rainforests. It is also an ideal choice among EFL teachers to teach English as this is the language of business here and is required as a second language for the local population to get a higher salary jobs. There are huge opportunities in Costa Rica to work as EFL teachers in secondary schools, colleges, language centers where there is a huge demand for English instructors.
  • Spain: Spain is one of the most sought after destination when it comes to teaching English abroad as it doesn’t require a degree holder TFL teacher. Having a TEFL certificate to your name makes you more equipped to get good paying teaching jobs. Due to the country’s huge demand for English learning, it is not surprising that there exits many language schools, private institutes and locally funded education programs throughout Spain especially Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia to name some.
  • Mexico: Mexico often referred to as the traveler’s paradise offers huge job opportunities for TEFL Certified English teachers to teach English abroad. Many Mexicans make higher wages if they speak English, so there is a great demand for both newly qualified and veteran TFL teachers throughout the country in language schools, universities, and international schools.
  • Thailand: In Thailand, English proficiency is still particularly low and so it attracts native English speakers to teach the students in local private schools and universities. Thailand is also a hotspot among TFL English educators because it allows English teaching for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree. TEFL Certified English teacher undoubtedly find it easier to get TEFL jobs with higher salary than non-qualified teachers. The country also has much to offer in terms of culture, travel spots, beaches and food.
  • China: With the largest population in the world, china has a plenty of TEFL job opportunities especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou in a variety of educational institutes, from public schools to universities. China is one of the most attractive destinations for foreigner not only for its historical sites like the Great Wall, Terracotta architecture, nightlife, glittering shopping malls but also it welcomes all non-degree holders who want to teach English to non-native English speakers.

There are many other such Countries like Czech Republic, Cambodia, Russia, and Argentina where it is possible to find a TEFL teaching jobs overseas without having a university degree.

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