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Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

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Teaching Grammar

Grammar holds a huge importance for any language learning. Hence knowledge in grammar could be crucial for EFL teachers to teach English as a foreign language. Teaching English grammar requires specialized knowledge to make an effective effort and to produce goal oriented result. The teachers need to be equipped with vast knowledge to teach grammar rules and exceptions. INTESOL offers 4 months of intensive course on teaching English grammar that includes detailed information and knowledge to produce effective grammar lessons and make the global English teaching career more worthy. As it is never easy for someone to learn the grammar of a new language hence the teacher needs to give some serious effort. He or she must have a clear idea about how to teach English grammar and the course is dedicated to throw light on this. The certificate which is globally accepted, awarded on completion of the course can be effective to add optimum value to the credibility of a teacher.

Phase 1

  • What is grammar
  • The importance of teaching Grammar
  • Principles of teaching grammar
  • Types of grammar


Phase 2

  • Word Classes
  • Different kinds of noun
  • Adjectives
  • Verb and types of verbs
  • Adverb
  • Determiners
  • Preposition and its uses
  • Conjunction
  • Clauses and Phrases


Phase 3

  • Auxiliary verbs and Modal verbs
  • Functions of the English auxiliary verbs
  • Modals


Phase 4


  • Contextualization of grammar
  • Steps in presenting grammar in context
  • Activities that make grammar learning fun and meaningful
  • Tenses
  • Conditionals
  • Making grammar fun

INTESOL offers few specialized courses and Teaching Grammar is one of them. This 4 month course can surely be an important add on to your English teaching skills and it can be helpful in career graph as well. High school passed is the minimum availability criteria to apply for the course. It is an online course and flexible as well. Course fee for the program will be 10,000 INR or 146 USD including course material and tutor support.

Accreditation plays an important role to evaluate educational standard and points out the scope for improvements and hence it is highly essential for any educational organization. All our courses are globally accredited and certified by ALAP. ALAP stands for Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals, based in United Kingdom. This renowned organization is a supreme institute in the ELT industry and known for maintaining a higher academic quality.

It is a dual certificate course. You will be awarded with a globally recognized certificate from the institute which is INTESOL and another internationally accredited certificate will be given by ALAP on successful completion of the course. These certificates surely add up huge value to the training course and can be really helpful in job seeking and career building. The certificates will make the path easier for you to grow as an educator in your near future with the amount of opportunity it will produce. You will also receive a transcript from ALAP as your academic record and this service is available with us only. No other institute or accreditation body features transcript around the world in this field of education.


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