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INTESOL Worldwide provides best of the industry standard TESOL/TEFL training course through leading external accreditation. This is to certify that the certificate given after successful completion of TESOL/TEFL course will be acceptable by ELT employers all over the world.

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ALAP Accreditation

All the certificates provided after successful completion of TESOL/TEFL course by INTESOL Worldwide are accredited and certified by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals). ALAP is a renowned organization based in United Kingdom, considered to be a supreme institute in the ELT industry.

The foundation of ALAP stands on maintaining a higher academic quality, ensuring the high value of the ALAP certification, supported by a group of highly educated and esteemed panel of academicians who are expert in the field of English language teaching.

“The world of education is often marred by questionable certification of academic courses. In order to differentiate between genuine, professional qualifications and those that are produced for commercial gain, it is essential that education companies provide accredited certification. Accreditation is the recognition by an external body that a course and/or training provider has met a certain set of standards and best practice. I am delighted to be associated with INTESOL as the company is an outstanding example of this best practice.”- Dr Paul Rogers MSc, PhD, FCoT, FIFL, FInstLM, FRSA (Member of ALAP Academic Panel) Receiving an ALAP accredited TESOL certificate

Why it matters to the students:

After completion of any TESOL/TEFL course, two certificates will be issued, one form INTESOL worldwide and another from ALAP (with hologram) without any extra charges. A transcript will also be provided to the students showcasing the content of the study and the total number of hours spent for the learning.

ALAP certification ensures the standard of the academic processes that was adopted during the TESOL/TEFL course and showcases it to the employers.

The courses fall under the ALAP certification, are checked and moderated by the external body to uphold the standard of certification.

INTESOL Worldwide along with accreditation body is determined to provide an internationally certified course to ensure a higher level of learning for the students.

To know more visit - http://alapuk.org/

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Chartered College of Teaching

For 170 years the teaching profession has had a Royal Charter, granted by Queen Victoria in 1849 to protect and serve teachers. This Royal Charter was transferred to a new professional body, the Chartered College of Teaching. The Chartered College of Teaching succeeds College of Teachers which was previously the body that hold the Royal Charter for the teaching profession.

The Organization is focused to support and enhance teacher professionalism, offer teachers access to high quality research, demonstrate credibility and sustainability, facilitate the sharing of practice, teacher well being, and represent and amplify teachers voice.

Why it is Important to our teachers

The Journal of the organization has some eminent educators from all over the world in its editorial board which connects research findings to classroom practice. It supports the teaching community by enabling teachers to share and reflect on their own use of research.Our teachers can learn from a wide range of original research articles and expert perspectives from teachers, school leaders and academics.

The Chartered Teacher status will recognize the knowledge, skills and behavior of our excellent teachers highlighting the importance of their expertise in teaching. The Chartered teacher program, offering an accredited, career long professional development pathway is an excellent platform for our alumni to be a 'GLOBAL TEACHER'.

To know more visit - https://chartered.college/

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