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TEFL & Teacher Training Course in Odisha

TEFL & Teacher Training Course in Odisha

TEFL & Teacher Training Course in Odisha

Odisha, the modern name of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga, which was invaded by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka is the 9th largest state of India by area and 11th largest by population. It is a destination of sun, sand, river deltas, temples and heritage centres. Although the capital city of Bhubaneswar is the hub of education but the literacy rate in the state is much lower than other states in India. This is not just because of lack of proper infrastructure but also because of lack of skilful teachers. INTESOL Worldwide has always believed in giving education to those who can be professionally equipped for the upliftment of the society, and with that ember in the core INTESOL India has recognized the state’s needs for quality skill based education to teachers and professionals from various fields. Our aim is to spread the knowledge of skill based teaching that is not just dependent on book learning but activity based learning that will create conducive atmosphere for the students to study. We also have sensible communication programs for teachers, fresh graduates who are on the verge of getting employed, executives and managers from the corporate, bankers, sales and marketing representatives from various industries. Our courses are internationally accredited from the highest awarding body in UK. Now with a globally recognized degree and modern upgraded learning process the people of Odisha for the first time will empower themselves for a national and global career that will rewarding in every manner.

Our Courses

TEFL/ TESOL Program:

Our flagship product TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) / TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language) is the international course to teach English and other subjects in the language English. For those who dream to teach and travel abroad can open their wings now and equip them with a degree that is mandatory to teach abroad. With opportunities available globally for teacher exchange programs one can be a teacher or trainer in any part of the world and satiate their desire to see new destinations and experience new cultures. The course is available in In-class mode of learning across various locations in India and can also be done from the relaxed confines of the home by our extensive online mode of learning which comes with tutor support for every individual student. The course teaches the core communication skills of the English language such as reading, writing, speaking and listening and also focuses on grammar, phonetics, classroom management, teaching aids, methods of error correction and evaluation techniques along with the knowledge of teaching English as a global language both for academic and specific purposes. With a TEFL/ TESOL degree in hand one can not only earn a lucrative salary but get the experience of a lifetime.

The Course comes in four levels:
  • 120 Hour of TEFL Certificate Program with Specialization in TEYL ( Teaching English to Young Learners) - This is the minimum accepted certificate course for teaching English abroad. This TEFL course includes a module on teaching young learners, so you will be fully equipped with the skills that are in high demand by TEFL employers worldwide.
  • 150 Hour of TESOL Certificate Program – The overall aim of this course is to provide a thorough course which includes a balance between the theory, methodology and practice of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and to prepare our trainees for teaching in any overseas environment.
  • 180 Hour of TESOL Certificate program – This level is for those who want an advantage in the TEFL/ TESOL industry and the opportunity to prepare themselves for teaching different types of learners in different environments as it incorporates English for Young Learners, Business English and ESOL skills for life.
  • 350 Hour of TESOL Diploma Program – The Diploma in TESOL course provides a sound coverage of the theory and derived practice of teaching English to speakers of other languages with reference to modern and advanced communicative technologies. One can also aim to be a TEFL Trainer of examiner after completing this course.
Course fee ranges from 15000 inr to 29000 inr
140 hour/ 3weeks Classroom TESOL course in Bhubaneswar at 35000 inr only.

Pre and Primary Teacher Training Program:

In this modern world of internet dominance and technological advancement it is imperative that the elementary teachers have to come out of their age old cumbersome methods of teaching and learn skill based teaching that involves a lot of activity based learning and thus leads to the cognitive development of the mind of young learners from elementary learning to formal education. Our specially designed Pre and Primary Teacher Training Program caters to age group between 2-12 years of age and teaches teachers to develop problem solving skills amongst the children so that their overall development and thinking power is strong. The various levels in the course helps the teachers to not just learn the global methodologies of teaching that includes Nursery, Montessori, Kindergarten, Project Method, Thematic method etc but also develops the skill based areas so that to facilitate the learning and development of children in a congenial and positive environment. After all shaping the new minds for the future is the sole responsibility of pre and primary teachers and we at INTESOL understand the need to deliver such facilitation to the teachers of our country. The educators need to be equally smart along with the children to create a positive learning environment.

The course comes in Online, Distance and Hybrid Modules where the teachers learn the theory part through books and online course materials and learn the practical aspects of teaching through our customized workshop sessions.

The course is divided in the following three levels:
  • Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 10+
  • Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 12+
  • PG Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is Graduation

Montessori Teacher Training Program:

The Montessori Method of teaching is a prepared educational environment where children can live and learn in freedom and peace. It is a method of education that is based on self directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. Based on Maria Montessori’s keen observations of children and her astute insights into how children learn, she developed an environment of child size everything and rich learning materials that answer the needs of the child’s emerging developmental impulses. She created an early childhood education program that engages all facets of each child’s development. A Montessori classroom contains four major avenues of work: Practical life skills; Sensorial Development; Development of Language; Early preparation of the Mathematical mind. The course focuses and facilitates the child’s spontaneous learning as when the children are left to choose materials in a carefully prepared environment, each child will select what he needs when he needs it. Like Madam Montessori we at INTESOL also believe that the fruits of an excellent Montessori Training program are children who love learning and are fully engaged in their own self development.

The course is divided in the following three levels:
  • Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 10+
  • Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 12+
  • PG Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is Graduation

Nursery Teacher Training Program:

The Nursery Teacher Training program is also known as the NTT course and its main aim is to cater to the nursery (pre-primary) level teachers. Nursery teachers deal with kids who have just stepped into the world of formal education. They play a key role in moulding the character, moral behaviour, and habits of children. Interacting with kids is never easy so our global experts in INTESOL have developed the course in such a manner that imbibes qualities and skills in teachers like patience, energy and enthusiasm, passion and liking towards handling kids, good communication skill etc.

The course is ideal for those who are interested in teaching at nurseries, play schools, Montessori schools and day care centres. The syllabus includes various teaching methodologies, understanding child psychology, child care and health, learning through art and craft, basics of pre-primary education, language learning, importance of play, physical cognitive and emotional developments, lesson planning etc.

The course is divided in the following two levels:
  • Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 10+
  • Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training program – Minimum eligibility is 12+
Course fee ranges from 12,000 inr to 25000 inr.

English Pro Courses:

INTESOL EnglishPRO is a range of accredited Certificate and Diploma Courses in English for Professional purposes created for individuals and corporations who need to communicate effectively in English to succeed. English is now the lingua franca of trade and commerce and its importance is monumental. Right from giving an interview, to attending customers, to giving a presentation, to teaching effectively and efficiently to preparing business communication English is required everywhere. We at INTESOL felt the need to cater to communication skill needs of the people who may be equipped with the job skills but go a step backwards in their career because of lack of proper English communication skills. Our courses are tailor made to suit the needs of the professionals from various fields. The highlight of our courses are off-the –shelf and ready to go course materials, unique and engaging and interactive course content, personalized support from experienced educators and flexible study methods to suit client needs. We not just give the courses in the online mode of learning but also provide customized and need based workshops for teachers, educational institutes and workforce of the corporate houses.

The courses are divided for learners, academic purposes and business communication:

English for Business Purposes:
  • Certificate in English for Business Communication I – This course is designed for professionals that wish to gain greater confidence in telephoning, presenting, chairing business meetings and negotiating in English etc.
  • Certificate in English for Business Communication II – It aims towards participants from wide variety of backgrounds in business e.g. lawyers, banking professionals, secretaries, sales people etc. Subjects include meeting and greeting, dealing with enquiries and offering advice, arranging and cancelling appointments/ social engagements, travel arrangements, giving and understanding directions, bookings and reservations, restaurants and hotels etc.
  • English for Executives – This course is aimed towards executives and business managers, with a more detailed focus on commerce. Subjects include appropriate English for communication, management, negotiations, presentations, leadership, team building, cross cultural awareness etc.
  • English for Sales and Marketing – This course focuses on teaching learners how to effectively sell and market products and services to English speaking clients both online and offline. It also teaches n engaging international customers, catching their attention by cultural sensitivity and persuading them to do business with you.
  • Certificate in English for Customer Service – This course aims on teaching learners how to effectively deal with all aspects of customer service in English.
English for Academic Purposes:
  • Certificate in English Grammar – The course teaches students elementary levels of English grammar that includes tenses, verbs, noun, pronoun, adjectives, articles, conjunction, preposition, use of interjection, direct and indirect speech, phrasal verbs etc.
  • Certificate in Writing Skills – This course aims at teaching students effective writing skills in English with no grammatical or syntactical errors.
  • Certificate in Reading Skills – This course also aims at increasing the speed of the reading skills of individuals, linguistic knowledge, vocabulary study, phonetics and pronunciation skills etc.
English for Learners:

Being fluent in English is one thing but being fluent in the language of one’s own work or business/ industry is another thing. It is imperative to say that nowadays companies are looking for smart individuals who are not only good in their field but have excellent English communication skills and especially if it is involved in international trade relations. They only retain employees who have high levels of English skills required for specific work purpose. The course enables the executives to prove to their employer and clients that they have achieved a specific level of English proficiency relevant to their profession, measured against a structured framework. A confident speaker is always accepted. This course is meant for Business Executives and managers, college students entering the workforce, sales and marketing professionals, Tourism and Hospitality staff, Public sector officials and professionals from a wide variety of industries including IT, banking, legal services, education, engineering, media and healthcare to name a few.

English for Hospitality:

The English for Hospitality is developed for employees of hotels, restaurants, health club etc where good English leads to top-level service. Training your workforce in English means your employees are more engaging, able to participate in small talks with guests and make suggestions for activities etc thereby leaving your guests with the feeling of excellent service quality and make them your repeat customers and brand ambassadors recommending your services to others. The courses include:

  • Certificate in English for Reception/ Front Desk
  • Certificate in English for Restaurant/ Bar Staff
  • Certificate in English for Housekeeping.
English Pro Courses @ 6000 Inr Onwards

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