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Criteria to Look For In an Online TEFL Course

Criteria to Look For In an Online TEFL Course

Travel with Online TEFL Course

Have you always dreamt of travelling to different countries and earn while living?

TEFL is the right choice for you then, it is an acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language to speakers of language other than English. It allows a candidate to get hired as an English teacher in international schools and universities in foreign countries. TEFL course is beneficial to both experienced English teachers and also those with no prior teaching skill with the knowledge and qualifications needed to succeed in teaching English in classrooms abroad.

In the wake of English language growing at such a rapid rate in international markets and TEFL becoming as one of the most sought after English teaching profession, digital market is offering an easy access to so many well-marketed online TEFL programs, making it difficult to choose the right TEFL course to suit your desired purpose.

Standards of an authentic online TEFL course are

  • Accreditation
  • Practicum
  • Standard course length and
  • Job placement assistance

Online courses are also better manageable as they are flexible in nature and can be done anytime and from anywhere in the world, whereas on-site courses are strict on time, more hands-on and intensive.

Online TEFL Course

It can be overwhelming, but here are a few things you need to consider when looking for an online TEFL course:

  1. 120 Hours of Coursework: A TEFL program of less than 120 hours of its training course or less than 4 months can be considered legitimate, but may not qualify you to get hired in a TEFL job in every abroad country. There are many worth online TEFL courses that impart education on basic TEFL knowledge and skills but a standard, accredited TEFL course is that which incorporates at least 120 hours of class work or four weeks of class work. Our online course comprises of minimum 120 hours or six months academic coursework having total four units with an additional bonus unit.
  2. Practical Teaching: An ideal online TEFL course offers a live, practical classroom application to the candidate, rather than usual, theoretical knowledge. A practicum offer to provide a hands-on practical teaching class, especially supporting the first time TEFL learners where a live tutor on other side presents his feedback and solves your queries with logic. Online TEFL also provides you with opportunity to practice mock teaching in front of experienced and qualified teachers.
  3. Accreditation and recognition: It is a very essential parameter to check for in online course. An ideal online TEFL program needs to have accreditation from recognized international accrediting bodies to benchmark its quality standards with that of the best in the world. Accreditation guarantees that the course provided by the TEFL provider conforms to international standards of teaching.
  4. Adequate Instruction Provided: A basic online coursework needs to have a minimum of 120 hours. We offer full time course ranging from 120 hours to 350 hours. The main objective of any TEFL certification course is to finally get employed in an ESL teaching job abroad, so less than 100 hours or reducing the amount of hours of instruction would ultimately not serve you well in the long run.
  5. Expert supervision: Online TEFL course offers opportunity to get expert guidance of a qualified, private tutor having years of University experience in TEFL teaching, who reviews your course work and give his unbiased feedback on lesson plans, helping you to locate your areas of improvement. These tutors offer their expert guidance, with teaching know-how to structure lessons and classroom management skills.
  6. Cost: Online courses as compared to offsite courses more budget-friendly and affordable as it does not engage secondary overhead costs like accommodation, food and conveyance. Online course fees are also flexible, that is, it varies in the length of the full time course targeted to specific groups.

With our exceptional training program, job assistance, highly educated faculty, full hours of coursework and internationally recognized certification awarded, you will have every chance to stand apart in the crowd, increasing every possibility to get employed in a reputed English teaching job, anywhere across the countries.

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