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Montessori Teacher Training For Exploring The Essence Of Childhood

Montessori Teacher Training For Exploring The Essence Of Childhood

Montessori Teacher Training Course

If you are thinking about becoming a Montessori teacher or wondering which program would suit you best, you have come to the right place. We, INTESOL INDIA offer practical and in-depth education in Montessori with an affiliated Certificate that would prove your authenticity. Our training course might open up new doors of career opportunities at both public and private Montessori schools in India.

Montessori Education is considered to be one of the most widely used classroom terminology for pre-schooling in India, described by child friendly classroom with simple and real life teaching, grooming a child from toddler stage to adulthood.

It nurtures a child to develop authentically which means, each child becomes an author of his own development process from his toddler stage. The curriculum integrates children of mixed ages that, to understand their mentality, their development and to help them grow at their own level.

Montessori Teaching Course requires preparation and first hand training as it stresses on interactive and two way communication and not just one way communication, involving only the teacher. The training makes oneself to how interact in the classroom and develop two path discussions in the classroom with the children.

Montessori Teacher Training

Can Teachers Join The Course?

Yes, off course, already established teachers who want to integrate Montessori teaching methods in their curriculum can join to accomplish the course. Teachers may consider this course as an upliftment to their teaching skills, and enforce the Montessori mode of teaching in the conventional schools.

Qualitative Activities taught to handle in the training course are developing a child’s motor skills, independent learning, and team spirit, participation, sharing behavior, socialization and interaction. All these purposeful activities help children learn to live in harmony with others.

What Is Actually Montessori?

Montessori classrooms are aesthetically decorated classrooms where every furniture, activity area, and atmosphere is designed in a way that is easily accessible and convenient to a child. The classroom is divided into theme areas for children to play and grow their interest and creativity through audio visual education. It offers a natural process to develop spontaneously through self-directed learning. Teachers circulate around the whole classrooms to deliver targeted instructions. All the activities are designed to motivate movement and hand movements to develop a child’s intellect. Children can move around in the classroom as much as they want and need in order to activate their brain.

Why Is It Necessary To Enroll In A Comprehensive Training Course?

It is indeed important for teachers not just to teach but know how to teach. Montessori training teaches a trainee the necessary classroom techniques to foster positive learning environment. The true quality of a Montessori teacher is to understand the potential of a child and supervise them to exhibit their brilliance. Our Montessori educators are trained to mentor and allow the kids to do whatever they like doing in the classroom, keeping in mind to motivate the child's interest for learning and helping them exploring their young minds and talents.

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