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Most Affordable Countries To Teach English Abroad In

Most Affordable Countries To Teach English Abroad In

affordable countries teach English abroad

Let us see which countries in the world will help you earn the highest salary, while offering cheap accommodation after completing a certified TEFL full course.

  • Vietnam: Vietnam is a very attractive location to TEFL teachers because it provides a low cost living while offering a good salary, it also has beautiful beaches, mountains, and fascinating landscape. Hanoi offers a fascinating combination of historic monuments, calm lakes and bustling streets lined with colorful shops. The beaches of Vietnam are considered to be some of the most spectacular of all Southeast Asia.
    At $1,000 - 2,000 USD per month, the jobs are more accessible and cost of living including food, transport to communication is really cheap which help you save up to $ 600 a month after expenses.

  • Mexico: Mexico is regarded as one of the largest job markets and affordable places for TEFL Certified English teachers. English speakers as it offer work year round with reasonable salaries along with cheap accommodation and food. It also harbors stunning streets, historic Mayan sites, warm weather, amazing warm beaches and other such inspiring cultural and natural destinations.
    Average cost of living per month is $500-800USD

  • China: English teachers are in high demand in China as there is a plenty of TEFL jobs available in private schools and universities with decent salaries and low costs of living. China is far and large one of the biggest employers of ESL teachers in the world. China also offers world’s oldest super-fast bullet trains, skyscrapers, spectacular architectural complex to mountains and falls.
    With 300 million Chinese taking TEFL classes every year, it's also the largest and one of the most profitable job markets in the world, with the salary ranging between $1,000 to $2,000 per month and can save $500-$1500 each month. Teachers in private schools can earn roughly about $942-$2000 USD.

  • Taiwan: Found off the southeast coast of China, Taiwan combines island beauty with unique experience of Chinese culture and technology, hot springs, Taiwan is also becoming a hotspot for TEFL teaching abroad besides a tourist destination. The salary in Taiwan is around $2,000 a month, with a lower cost of living.
    You can easily save around $500-$700 USD per month after maintaining all expenses, and TEFL teaching jobs are available from kindergarten to university, public schools and private institutes.
    Average cost of living in Taiwan per month is around $500-$1500 USD.

  • Cambodia: Cambodia is one of the popular places to teach English abroad as it has really a super low cost of living, affordable food, cheap apartments while the salary of an inexperienced TEFL teacher is also not less than $1000-$1300 per month. With low cost of accommodation, you will be able to spend your hard earned money visiting some of the incredible destinations like Angkor Wat, Royal Palace or gorgeous islands and heritage parks.
    Average monthly salaries for Cambodia are 4 million KHR/£750/$1000

  • Czech Republic: Czech Republic is known as a nation of castles, poets and bars is becoming a popular destination for English teachers especially for TEFL certified teachers. The cost of living is extremely lower here than in other European countries, making this one of the most affordable European countries to live and teach English while also enjoying social life. An average salary in a language school may range from about $1000-$1300 USD.
    Cost of Living per month is between $600 – $900 USD. Average monthly salaries IS $2550-4800 USD or 51,500-99,000 CZK

  • South Korea: Affordable accommodations, low cost of living, food, free air fares, overtime payments, high salaries and paid vacations are some of the advantages of teaching English here. You can also manage to save around 50%of your salary or $900 per month for maintaining social life and recreation. English Teachers in Korea who complete their 12-month contract will typically receive an extra month’s salary as a bonus.
    Minimum monthly salary is about $1600 usd or 2,625,000 krw/£1,580/$2,500

To experience these magnificent lives, cost effective living and a decent earning jobs, a minimum of an accredited TEFL Certificate is required to teach English abroad.

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