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Importance of Montessori Teacher Training

Importance of Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori Teacher Training Course

Among the various methods of training imparted to the students to ensure their sum total progress in the academics, "Montessori training" is one such which took its root nearly about 100 years ago, first in the United States of America and then gradually spread its tentacles far and wide with the generous motive of spreading education among all and sundry.

Background and the Present Status:

It is really something astounding to note how Maria Montessori followed her own educational ideology, introduced a completely new method of teaching named "Montessori teaching" in 1897.However, her inspiration was her visit in an asylum. She came across a bitter truth where children were treated in a dismal manner and the primary education was a farfetched story. This sorry sight moved her and her grit determination aided her to bring this "noble" approach to the limelight and she referred to her work as "Scientific Pedagogy". And at this very hour it has become the "sole mantra' to nurture kids, keeping in mind their natural interests and abilities as well. Formal education should be a later part of the whole tale.

Montessori Teacher Training Course

A Different Approach:

As this is a system of education where the focus is primarily on the development of natural activities and innate talents, a nexus of rules comes to the fore to make the whole matter acquire a dynamic dimension. First, mixed aged classrooms are encouraged as this "intermingling" status will help them to communicate better than anything else. Secondly, students are given a free choice from a range of activities to pursue without any tinge of doubt. Thirdly, the students are generally not taught more than three hours a day and during this entire span they are allowed to move freely in the class. Fourthly, the emphasis is laid upon the learning and the application of the basic concepts and the whole matter is executed in a thoughtfully created ambience. Fifthly, there is no room for direct method and therefore specialised materials are to be prepared under the able hegemony of the trained teachers. And last but not the least, the crux of the whole story is to bring out the concealed genius of the "blooming flowers of our garden".

To arrest the growing tide of unemployment, "Montessori training" is a blessing in disguise in the academic arena. Those who want to be in this profession, especially the ladies ought to receive the training before embarking on this long and interesting sojourn! The pay structure is good enough, but it is your intense urge, the unwavering flame of passion that matter the most!!

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