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Ways to Start With New Teaching Career: TEFL

Ways to Start With New Teaching Career: TEFL

TEFL Courses

According to the report of British Council, a total of 1.75 billion were motivated to learn English globally in 2018. So, if you are English by birth, have a TEFL certification, you will definitely be suitable for English teaching jobs in many countries around the world to the non-English speakers.

With this massive opening worldwide, acknowledgement for certified TEFL teachers is creasing day by day. Teaching English abroad is internationally becoming a unique job prospect for interested population. The opportunities you get are to live, teach and travel to various parts of the world and develop an international teaching career worldwide.

You need not have any prior training session or a teaching experience or any graduate degree but a liking and passion to move, travel and settle to any country for flourishing your career.

TEFL Course

Let Us Now Look At The Steps To Begin With TEFL Training Course:

  • Find a Certified Advisor: You may want to travel and become an overseas TEFL teacher across locations like as Costa Rica, Thailand, or Spain, but you need to first research about the TEFL institute that will provide you with TEFL certification courses. A renowned teacher training institute having highly qualified instructors will provide you the basic tools, necessary to get started with your research process. TEFL in Kolkata gives one an opportunity to visit various architectural remains and the rich culture of Kolkata.
  • Evaluating The Choices For TEFL Certification: Any native English speaker or anyone with fluency in the language having a recognized TEFL certification from a reputed training course can have an excellent international teaching career in several countries of the world like Colombia, China, Russia, Thailand and many more.
  • Factors to be considered when looking for TEFL certification are:
    1. At least 100 Hours of Coursework and academic class time session accredited by a recognized accrediting body that will provide first-rate expertise.
    2. Live practical classes of professional level TEFL course with the non-native English speakers to enable you to gain comfort necessary to become a professional TEFL teacher.
    3. Look for Accreditation of TEFL course by a recognized independent body. This accreditation recognizes that curriculum of the course meets the international standards within the field.
    4. Professional level training from an appropriate international TEFL diploma course to be for improved job prospects.
  • Start The Job Search First: Accredited TEFL institute offers job assistance to the students from the very beginning of the classes. This assistance encompasses everything from navigating job markets, contacting with top language schools and recruiters, presenting applications for jobs, and facing interviews for positions in several countries. Applying for jobs during the recruitment seasons and it won’t consume too much time to get started on your dream job in your dream country.

Finding the right TEFL Course, having accreditation, practicum and job placement assistance, might take a bit of your time and effort but do not overlook this criteria before enrolling your name in a course.

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