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TEFL/ TESOL: Revolution in the Education Field

TEFL/ TESOL: Revolution in the Education Field

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In the field of education, TEFL/TESOL has begun to play a pivotal role in the realm of education and its related career since a few years. In fact there is a growing tendency among the people to pursue such courses to build their career and ensure the security of the future days. A welcoming sign indeed!

Myth and Reality:

Once it was thought that on the completion of such courses, the jobs which are offered are transitory, but with the passage of time such a myth has been busted in order to prove that the real story is completely a different thing here! After the completion of the course, new vistas can be explored in the field. People can have their own schools. They can also apply for the post of director in any reputed educational Institute. Beside they can also work as full time faculties in different public schools as the certificate is globally acknowledged! Besides countless facilities are also there like long summer vacation which indeed act as a stimulator for a much better performance!

The Job Jungle:

There is no dearth of jobs for the people who have completed the course on TEFL from any recognized institute. There is a huge scope in the publishing world as technical writers, course curriculum developers and free lancers too. Moreover, jobs like resettlement specialist or job placement advisor in any non profit organization are also available for the right candidate! However, an individual needs to develop a cultural sensitivity related to refugee services or immigration to cater a complete look to the whole matter!

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Some Words on TESOL:

Like TEFL, TESOL is also a career oriented course but with a difference! People have a sound knowledge on TEFL and its various aspects and TESOL is gradually strengthening its feet and hopefully will be able to conquer the world shortly. However, it is important to state that both the courses involve language proficiency via reading, speaking and writing. The certificates obtained on the completion of the courses are worldwide accepted!

Women Empowerment:

In a patriarchal society, TEFL is a boon in the empowerment of the female section of the society. They can become economically independent and move through the various states, places and countries to show their confidence and worth before others. Besides, they can create their own video blogs and you tube channels to promote themselves in the fields of language, digital marketing, corporate, keeping their own world of home management undisturbed!


To bring the whole discussion to a comfortable end, it can state confidently that there are various institutes across the globe to train you professionally. Though the course fee is high, their impact on the people is undeniable. So if you want to choose this teaching profession, just arm yourself with a foreign recognition and move ahead! All the BEST!!

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