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What is TEFL Accreditation All About?

What is TEFL Accreditation All About?

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What Accreditation Means: Accreditation is an accepted process of quality assurance for all educational and professional institutions that integrates review and approval from a standard independent organization in the field to prove its credibility in providing quality standards to the course.

The question of Accreditation for courses to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) can be one of the most baffling issues for those searching for a quality Certification course for teaching English in abroad countries.

Essentially any English speaking person can take up the job of teaching to non-native English speakers, even without prior teaching experience or a degree, but holding a certification or degree as a foreign language teacher (TEFL) will be key to safeguarding your success in the field and would qualify you for better paying jobs abroad.

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TEFL Certification Equips a Prospective Candidate, Wanting to Flourish in TEFL with:

A quality TEFL Certification course will not only provide you with the technical and teaching skills you need to become an effective teacher but also a high level qualification that thousands of business schools and language institutes, all around the world would require and seek when they hire English teachers.

An Accredited TEFL Certification Course provider ensures that ethical quality and moral standards are fulfilled and maintained and recognizes a TEFL candidate’s professional acceptance and credit in the international job market of teaching English. It is very obvious that most of the reputable language schools around the globe would not hire TEFL teachers who do not hold an accredited TEFL certification to their names. Accreditation also means that the concerned Institutes, providing TEF/TESOL course is meeting quality standards in the level of education, instruction, curriculum, inclusion of a practicum or practical modules and the extent of training and other areas. Having an accredited Certificate of TEFL also guarantees that your teaching course is independently reviewed and monitored by recognized third party experts in the field to maintain the quality of the program.

What to Look For in TEFL Accreditation Certification:

  • The course should have at least 100 Hours of Coursework. We offer a minimum of 140 hour classroom sessions 120 online sessions, 1 comprising of various modules like teaching methodology, Lesson planning, language skills, assessment and testing, lessons demonstrations, interactive material, teaching speaking sessions and many more.
  • One to one job search guidance from TEFL experts. If you are investing your fund, time, energy and dreams in searching a recognized TEFL certification course that makes you eligible to teach English abroad, receiving 100 percent quality job placement assistance is a critical element that TEFL training program should entitle you.
  • It provides personalized expert guidance by experienced TEFL tutors. The TEFL school, offering certified courses shall have world class English TEFL/TESOL teachers who have years of experience in teaching and are well versed in all the standard prescribed modules of TEFL teaching course.
  • The in-house course should provide hands on training program to students. It shall incorporate practical sessions of teaching, workshops to the students to make them comfortable with actual teaching methods so that they become a professional-level English teacher.

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