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The interest for learning English is increasing and the reason is completely justified. People are willing to take part in active global communication though they are not left with much options in this age of globalization. Every language has its own importance but the English language is easy to learn and communicate hence it has been elected as the language for global communication. One common language is needed to communicate otherwise there will be a high chance of communication gap which usually leads towards miscommunication. Teaching English as foreign language has become highly popular career choice as the demand for EFL teachers has become insatiable.

Today, English is the foremost language to be spoken around the world. Be it government or private offices, schools, universities, all communication is made in English. In fact, most of the non-English speaking countries have taken up the language as their official language. The knowledge of English is becoming a strong link to achieve success in the global scenario and earn a good position in terms of importance in global operations. Therefore, the demand for English tutors has grown over the years, globally.

Teachers are one of the most valuable base upon which a civilized society is being built and stands. Starting from guiding a child's mind at the very early stage with care and values to guiding an adult student through his higher education and career, the importance of the role of a teacher cannot be denied or overlooked under any circumstances. Teaching is nothing but an art form of imparting knowledge that has to be mastered skilfully and patiently. A TEFL course can thus be an important guide to the teachers specifically guiding about how to teach English language using proper method and skills. To be able to teach English anywhere around the world, one needs a TEFL certificate as a qualification. Sometimes teaching English as a foreign language is viewed as a temporary international stint and not as a full-time career choice. However, this can be a full time career with space for professional development and growth within the field of EFL teaching or in the related paths. Once you start teaching abroad, many other interesting and potential avenues will open up. Besides career opportunities, there are other advantages of teaching abroad. It helps in building a unique personality. Travelling to a new land will open up your mind culturally. Interacting with students from different countries will change your views as a teacher. While dealing with different cultures, you will realize that how important is to have a basic mutual understanding between two people or a will to understand who are trying to communicate. Language is a problem at first but the teacher has to overcome that and get his message conveyed.

After completion of the TESOL course, one has many opportunities to explore. Opening your own school to teach English is a popular career choice. If you put some extra effort and time in the language schools and show some intention in taking leadership role then it can surely open up doors to managerial posts. After teaching English, for a certain period of time, opportunities arise for experienced EFL teachers to take up the responsibility of guiding aspiring EFL teachers which means you may become a TEFL trainer with experience. Certain public schools do accept TEFL certificate and can allow one to teach their classes. A TEFL certified teacher can also apply his/her skills to get into the ESL/EFL publication world. This type of work can provide flexible schedules and freelance opportunities and will definitely appeal to those with a taste for travelling and education. Another way to utilize a TEFL certification globally in a professional field other than teaching is to work in fields like refugee services or immigration.

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