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The Primary Teacher's Training Course: An Assessment of Sort!

The Primary Teacher's Training Course: An Assessment of Sort!

Primary Teacher's Training Course

We talk on teaching. We talk on the imparting of training to others. We want to make others groomed. But all these should begin at the bud stage, when a child learns to speak and often displays its interest in a field. So it clearly suggests one simple fact that teaching at the nascent stage or primary stage, whatever we summon is something which ought not to be neglected nor overlooked, if we really want our child witness the best days of his life in the accepted sense of term!

The Key Features:

It is something natural on the part of the guardians to pin high hopes on their children and therefore look for the best primary schools in order to give the best education and the best guidance as well! A primary teacher is supposed to follow the codes of conduct around teaching a child. First, a child should not be taught for more than three hours. Frequent breaks are to be allowed in between the classes. Secondly, as a child is habitually naughty, he or she must be allowed to roam freely in the class. Thirdly, more than the bookish stuff, a child should be taught the natural things of life to ensure its complete maturity. Fourthly, the factor of boredom should be kept at bay. And last but not the least; the concerned teacher should be patient, affectionate and motherly by nature. He or she must not forget that a child always demands a 'motherly' attention despite all odds!

Primary Teacher's Training Course

The Course Riddle:

To arrest the growing tide of unemployment, the primary teaching level has introduced a number of courses ranging from 'certificate' to 'post graduate diploma'. The course fees are reasonable and thus opening the new vistas for the fresh boys and girls. A word for each:

  • Certificate Course: It is the basic level of six months. The fundamental components are revised and taught to the people like lesson planning. A globally recognised certificate is provided at the end of the course.
  • Diploma Course: A one year course is designed to enable the candidates know the techniques of classroom management, a child's early childhood and framing of lesson planning. On the completion of the course, a globally recognised certificate is given to begin with a global career.
  • Post graduate Diploma Course: This 18 month’s course prepares aspiring and experienced teachers. Moreover, it paves the path for acquiring enough skills and knowledge to excel in the professional field. Learning and lesson planning are more systematic and comprehensive here. On the completion of the course, an internationally recognised PG diploma is awarded to begin the journey of teaching!

Teaching is a noble profession that attempts to expose the students to the realities, rewards and challenges of life. Today's child is tomorrow's future and this truth is our only guidance. On the other hand, money, designation, growth-everything is there. But it is the intense love for the profession which can only make one stand out of the crowd. Truly there are so many professions scattered here and there, but choosing the apt one matters the most! Any explanation?

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