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Prospect of TEFL Course in South India

Prospect of TEFL Course in South India

TEFL Courses South India

Chennai, the doorway to South India has lakhs of tourists visiting the place, its backwaters, hill stations, all throughout the year. Registering for a TEFL course program in this city, will not only offer you with the opportunity to visit stay and unravel the aesthetically rich city, its culture, but at the same time, familiarize yourself with the newest teaching methodologies and techniques in ESL/EFL teaching market.

Kerala has been found as one of the most sought after places for pursuing TEFL in India. Intesol India, promises to offer you an enchanting and exclusive TEFL experience, along with boosting up your TEFL employability. It provides you to pursue the course while enjoying tranquil expanses of golden sea beaches, lavish hill stations and unusual wildlife. Having completed successfully, the course will not only provide you with a globally accredited certificate that makes you eligible to teach in international language schools and universities, to become trained trainers but will also open new probable job prospects when it comes to internationally teaching English as a foreign language.

A TEFL Program in Chennai, Kerala allows you to explore the beauty of the city and also equips you with the new TEFL teaching approaches across the globe. Intesol India also guarantees you with 100% job assistance after the intensive 3 weeks in-class TEFL program, comprising a total of 140 hours.

TEFL Course

A TEFL certificate course is a pre requisite for all TEFL aspirants who want to kick-start their TEFL journey in global platform. This certificate program in TEFL acquaints the learners with modern ESL/EFL language teaching methodologies, classroom management skills and at the same time bringing creativity in teaching, emphasizing on the current student-friendly teaching tactics that are both fun, engaging the young students in classroom activities and a pre-requisite in interacting with the young learners.

Course Duration and Fee: The full intensive TEFL course in Chennai comprises of140 hours which will be completed within 3 weeks. The 3 weeks of in-class training program prepares you for globally designed classrooms with proper technical assistance. The course will cost you INR 55,000/- or 735 USD covering the course material.

Eligibility Criteria: The candidate needs to have a minimum graduation degree from any discipline with near native English speaking origin. This course is best suited for those who have a passion for teaching English as a foreign to non-native English speakers and the course can also be sought by anyone who IS ALREADY WORKING TEACHER AND wants to expand his career globally.

Skilled Instructor: All the trainers have years of extensive experience in the field, having knowledge of TEFL and skilled enough to help and supervise the candidates throughout the course, in every aspect of the learning process.

Chennai is one of the most important hubs from where TEFL aspirants can commence their journey of international English teaching career because it is a modern metropolitan city in every sense, however, still preserves its traditions and cultural aspects which are reflected in the lifestyle of the inhabitants, with its dance, music, arts, architecture.

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