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Learn About TEFL Course Requirements and Qualifications

Learn About TEFL Course Requirements and Qualifications

TEFL Course Requirements and Qualifications

To take up a course of TEFL, the most important pre requisite you need to have is the motivation and dedication and a desire to learn the art of English language teaching to foreign children.

Educational qualifications are not always mandatory but some courses may likely to ask for your degree certificate but we Intesol India do not feel so. We don’t agree to the fact that a bright grade in certificate reflects your original merit and the desire or aspiration for a course like this. A TEFL qualification from a reputed institute or your teaching experience would rather show your capability and in depth knowledge as a future teacher or an educator.

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, is the preliminary teacher training qualification which is necessary for a person seeking to be an ESL teacher. The TESOL certificate can help you not only to gain experience with required skills and techniques in the field of teaching, but also provides you chances to travel to wonderful locations across the globe like Spain, Russia, Turkey and China. You can teach, earn and learn new culture while travelling. Some language schools usually prefer those, who are a native or near native speakers of English or do not have prior teaching experience, here, TEFL certification certainly gives you an added advantage with quality educational qualifications to become an effective English instructor.

TEFL Course Requirements

For Whom:

This TEFL course is generally appropriate for:

  • People having completed bachelor’s degree or graduation in any stream.
  • Any individual above the age of 20 years.
  • People looking for a career change at any point of their lives.
  • People aspiring to travel all around the world while teaching.
  • A professional English teacher wanting to teach in another part of the Country.
  • People wanting to act as voluntary teachers for a noble cause a valuable public service.
  • People having a strong command over native English speaking, reading and writing skills.

Having no teaching degree and no prior teaching background, will make you most suitable for teaching jobs as ESL teachers in foreign language schools while a TEFL certification equips you with minimum teaching qualification, skills and techniques required to teach English to non-native English speakers in language institutes and Universities.

Our professional TEFL certification course comprises of at least 120 hours to 350 hours of coursework including In-class teaching program and is accredited by a recognized independent body, taught by an experienced instructor.

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