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Top Criteria to Look For In A TEFL Certification

Top Criteria to Look For In A TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification

Longing to move abroad and enjoy an adventurous life of paid vacation by TEFL? TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as Foreign Language, which means, a course that allows you to get better paying English teaching jobs to non-native English speakers all around the world.

Just because you are a fluent English speaker, does not mean you can teach English to non-natives. For teaching jobs in abroad Universities or language schools, you need to be certified from a recognized TEFL training center. Numerous schools and institutes worldwide, look for skilled professional English teachers who have earned professional training from a certified TEFL center.

A quality TEFL certification course will not only provide you with the required skills and qualifications needed to become an effective teacher but also increases the probability of earning more. Characteristics of a good TEFL course are accreditation, practicum, and standard course length and job placement assistance. Ask them about job markets, interview procedures and matters like visas and hiring requirements.


These are the basic pre-requisites that you should look for in a good TEFL certification.

  • At Least 120 Hours of Coursework: There are a number of quality online and onsite TEFL courses to train you with the basic teaching methods but a standard accredited TEFL course typically incorporates at least 100 hours of class or four weeks. Ours online course is minimum 120 hours or six months academic coursework comprising of total four units with an additional bonus unit and full time classroom course is 120 hours or three weeks which is equivalent to online course.

  • Live Practice Teaching: An accredited TEFL course must integrate a meaningful teaching practicum experience to the learners. A practicum is a must for every first time TEFL learner. A practicum is a practical session that offers EFL students a mock teaching experience that helps to build a connection with the course study in depth.

  • Accredited and Recognized: Majority of global language schools and institutes look for and hire professionally skilled EFL teachers who have earned a TEFL certification from a recognized accrediting body. Accreditation guarantees quality service confirming to international teaching standards, training hours, and full course curriculum and practicum classes. We provide accreditation certificate from ALAP which is considered to be an absolute institute in the ELT industry.

  • Adequate Instruction Provided: The basic industry standard is 120 hours of training course or ranging from four weeks to six months. Our full time course length ranges from 120 hours to 350 hours covering professional teaching training by University qualified educators having advanced credentials and experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language.

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