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Know the Importance of TEFL Accreditation

Know the Importance of TEFL Accreditation

TEFL Certification

Heard of the term, TEFL but do not have an idea about it? Let us see what it is.

TEFL is a course for Teaching English as Foreign Language that allows you to earn higher paying English teaching jobs in foreign countries to non-native English speakers all around the world, as well as gives you opportunities for international travels.

To be hired in teaching jobs in abroad Schools, Universities or language institutes, you need to have a recognized certificate from an accredited TEFL training center.

One of the essential features of a worthy TEFL course is the Accreditation. Accreditation would ensure that the TEFL certification you earn is autonomously reviewed and evaluated by recognized panel of experts in the field to sustain and conform the quality of the program. This ensures courses are run to meet high standards of education.

When selecting a TEFL qualification course, you should consider whether the course you are investing in has been granted accreditation by a competent external accrediting body.


Accreditation: What is it?

Accreditation is an authentic and obligatory quality norm that should strictly be followed by any of institute that seeks to provide quality service. The objective is to meet the standard norms established in a legitimate way so as to deliver service of excellence at all levels.

Every recognized Organization should abide by the terms and guidelines of the Accrediting body in order to ensure conformity to reliable and quality service to its people. An accredited TEFL course is externally audited and certified by a competent organization which affirms to the quality of the course contents and administration and will be acceptable to all the international schools and Universities looking for professional and accredited ELT teachers.

INTESOL certificates, provided after completion of TEFL course are accredited and acknowledged by well recognized accrediting Organizations, making it easy for worldwide recognition and acceptance as TEFL educators.

  • ALAP Accreditation: INTESOL provides ALAP accreditation certificate to students, without any extra charges. ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals) is an independent, international accreditation organization known to be a supreme institute in the ELT industry.

  • Chartered College of Teachers: The College of Teachers promotes the career path of learning, improvement, teaching qualification, training and recognition of teaching practice for the public benefit in the UK and overseas. Chartered Teacher PROGRAMME is dedicated to supporting the growth of other teachers through research, sharing their expertise and contributing to a culture of learning.

All these Authorizing bodies certify accreditation to all our TEFL courses, ensuring the safety in the knowledge of the training course and conforming the necessary expertise to maintain excellence in teaching and secure the best outcomes for young learners.

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