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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Online TEFL Course

Ultimate Guide to Choosing Online TEFL Course

Online TEFL Courses

If you have decided to enroll in a TEFL training program and become ESL teacher, you may be perplexed to find huge range of information found on Internet that may act as a cause of worry as to choose which TEFL course would the right course for you. Since you will be investing money in the course, deciding and selecting the course that is best suited for you is of paramount importance.

Teaching English in abroad countries is a much newer career option for people of any age, whether a fresh graduate or already established TEFL teacher or wanting to improve your career. With so many number of emerging training institutes and courses available online, the only thing that should be kept in mind before pursuing TEFL course is to make an informed decision about the course that is right for you.

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These are few guiding tips that you should look for before joining TEFL course:

  1. 120 Hours of Training: TEFL teaching jobs abroad require candidates to have TEFL certification, which means that the course shall incorporate the international standard of 120 hours of training program. Therefore, you should always look for institutes which specialize in offering complete online TEFL courses comprising minimum 120 hours. TEFL program of less than 120 hours may not qualify you for English teaching jobs in all countries. We offer online course that comprises of minimum 120 hours or six months academic coursework having total four units with an additional bonus unit.

  2. Live Practical Teaching: An online TEFL course in additional to theoretical knowledge, shall also offer at least six real teaching practice classes to students that should be observed by experienced trainers. There should be practicum that offers practical teaching sessions, especially helpful to first time learners where they get opportunity to be supervised by a renowned and qualified teacher.

  3. Accreditations And Recognition: There may be many companies that use the word “Certified” to make them appear professional, but informed decision should be taken after having done a market survey on TEFL training institutions and consideration should be placed on that institute that offers TEFL courses that are of global repute, which implies that the accreditation certificate provided by the institute shall be globally recognized. INTESOL provides accreditation certificate from ALAP which is considered to be one of the absolute accrediting bodies in the ELT industry.

  4. Good Reviews: Having go through online reviews of the company may be a great way to evaluate the credentials and potentials of a training institute. Doing an online review research on the feedback and reviews posted by past students about the organization can give you a fair idea of the institute’s credentials, its market position and its authenticity. While some negative comments cannot be a cautionary sign, beware of institutes having too many damaging and undesirable reviews.

  5. Qualified Tutors: Online TEFL course must have a team of diligent and qualified tutors, having years of experience in the industry to help and support you at every juncture of your study program. Ensure that the course you have chosen offers you with the supervision of the skilled trainers who would give you feedback on your work and even channelize you in the right direction.

  6. Cost Consideration: Online TEFL providers offer varying range of packages with varying costs. Always go for accredited training institute that offers minimum of 120 class hours with job placement assistance, and a professional level certificate, then review the course costs of different institutes, operating in the market and select the one that offers all the aspects of globally certified organization but at affordable cost.

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