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Below are just some of the comments we have received from students who have completed their training with INTESOL. Original copies of these letters are kept at INTESOL Head Office.

Pallavi Jeergal

PG Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training

The experience was pretty smooth right from enrolling to the course till completing it. The course material is good enough for a complete novice in the subject to attain considerable knowledge. Regular feedback from the coordinator was helpful too. I'm happy that I could complete the course well ahead of time. Overall I had a good experience.

Arshitha N

Diploma in Nursery Teacher Training

It was a good experience, learning new skills was helpful to me.

Sravani Pappu

PG Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course

It is very happy to be a part of INTESOL. This institute helped me a lot .I would like to thank for each and everyone of the member.

Priyanka Deb

TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

It was really great learning with you people.. The knowledge i got can be definitely used up in my field.. Recieved a lot of support from all the staff members.. My course trainer was extremely helpful , inspiring and most importantly made my learning procedure very easy and interesting. Thank you to all of you.

Lakshmi Prabhu

Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training

It was a delightful experience to go through the online modules of the course. The materials were dispatched on time through the mail and all necessary evaluations were also provided on a very punctual basis. The academic and support staff were extremely cordial and helpful in moving forward with the course. Overall a wonderful learning experience.

Sailja Sanghvi

TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

It was overall a good and fun learning the course.

Saquib Alam

TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

The aspect of this course enables us to build up our confidence in various areas and different types of learners. My trainer was very adjusting, guided me really patiently through everything. It enriched me in every way. I will value it every part in my life.

Faria Rahman Khan

TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

I'm really happy to complete my course successfully. I got the appropriate support whenever needed. Any concerns or questions were answered quickly by the trainer and I really enjoyed my journey with Intesol Worldwide.

Pallavi P

Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course

It was just great and awesome, gave me an opportunity to enhance my professional skills.

Carmen Noelle Franco

Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course

A wonderful learning experience. To Ms. Karen Gaches and Sir Alex Semakin, who’ve been there for me during my 120 Hour Certificate TEFL with TEYL and to Ms. Rachel, Sir Aryan and Ms. Archana for doing the same when I was doing my Diploma PPTT, thank you so much for serving as my role model and guide. All of you were very patient and supportive all through out my whole learning process. It means a lot to me that I was able to finish and complete the two of the most important courses that helped me develop my great teaching skills and career. I would not have done it without all you. I will forever be grateful for both INTESOL WORLDWIDE and INTESOL India for the opportunity and knowledge you've shared and given me and for making me who I am now- A TEACHER.

Nithya Priya

PG Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course
Bangalore, India

It was an amazing experience! I enjoyed the Training Programme and gained so much knowledge from the materials which was provided. I am so thankful for the support provided by the staff. I feel great that I choose to study with INTESOL WORLDWIDE.


TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

TEFL Course need a detail assessment and study which Intesol offers with guided support and appreciating approach - I recommend Intesol and wish them success.


TEFL 120 hour with TEYL
Bangalore, India

It was a great learning experience. The course has examples which I found to be beneficial and informative. The most useful part of the course was the evaluations. The trainers were able to provide me with the comprehensive feedback.

Sibi VJ

Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Very enriching experience indeed! The study materials are of high quality and takes you a long way in reading extensive related materials. Lots of new knowledge gained during the course of the study and refreshed my understanding of certain aspects once again.

Kaka AtmaramWable

TEFL 120 hour with TEYL

I have had a great experience while doing it. It was very nice organized course. The structure of the course is well .There was a lot of support from trainers. I have received a lot of knowledge from this course. I wanted to thanks alot from my support team. Thank you very much.

Chrystal Carter

"Hi there future English instructors, I started my Certificate in TESOL through INTESOL WORLDWIDE in 1999 and was awarded my certificate in January 2000. At that time I was due to exchange my tourist visa for a work permit in Japan. To my surprise I was given a 3 year 'Specialist in Humanities and International Services' visa. I wasn't degree qualified, and had average grades in my GSCE's and A-Levels, so I believe I was given this extended visa solely on the strength of my Certificate in TESOL and the company behind the program, INTESOL WORLDWIDE. My American friends were only ever given one year visas, which meant they were forced to renew them yearly by taking a trip out of the country, then they had to wait a while before they could come back in, which was time consuming and expensive. I am grateful for the training I received through INTESOL WORLDWIDE and for the experiences I had during my three year stay in Japan, awarded to me by the Japanese Government. I have continued a career in TESOL and am currently running my own language company in Northern Ireland. Good Luck"

Norman Saunders

"I have recently completed a TESOL qualification at Regents English Language Centre in Nantwich, Cheshire and I wish to let you know of my total satisfaction with the entire course. Although extremely challenging, the entire staff were cooperative, friendly and helpful throughout and every module was taught with great effectiveness and enthusiasm. I do not think I could have chosen a better place to undertake such a course and although I do not share the religious beliefs of the centre, this was never a problem. The whole course was conducted with skill and complete professionalism and I would be happy to recommend Regents [Nantwich centre] to anyone. "

Valerie Hanna

"I really enjoyed the teaching practice at Nantwich. I was so nervous when I went but Jean and all the staff really put me at ease and were very helpful. I enjoyed the observation classes and then progressed to teaching. My Northern Ireland accent was really useful for those students sitting exams the following week as they had a very different voice to listen to! The feedback from the staff was excellent and their comments will help in my development. I was very interested in the different aspects that were offered to the students. They received an interesting variety of teaching topics and this widened their vocabulary and speaking ability. The students worked hard and yet the atmosphere was not at all stressful. I fondly remember the poems one class wrote about chocolate, and the discussion one class had about talents and skills. This developed the students' thinking skills as well as the ability to put their thoughts into English words. The whole experience was extremely worthwhile and to be recommended to anyone completing an ESOL teaching course, or a student learning English. My thanks to all who made it possible. I will never forget it. Thanks again. "

Heather Washtak

"Tutor was exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable and able to convey material in a simple manner. Extremely patient as well. Course content was diverse. The range of topics covered was perfect. From what to teach, how to teach, to what we do when we leave here. Excellent. I don't feel lost. Everyone (teacher and director) were excellent and understanding of what students need. Emotionally as well. Not once felt unguided. Don't change. You are all such wonderful people!"
'A message from mom' – Heather Washtak

Thank you SO much for being such a good host. Heather felt like she was with her second family. I have been at peace in my heart knowing she is with good people such as all of you. Please do not leave Crete until I am able to visit you all! That is my latest goal-to visit Crete and Victor and Mihaela. With Heather's support I am sure we can make it happen. And if your travels ever take you to the United States and to the state of Ohio, you will find a small suburb near Toledo and Detroit Michigan called Maumee (Maw mee). That is where you will find a family ready to welcome you at any time. I might even fix you that yummy American potato salad !!! (reference to Heather's use of this recipe for her authentic materials lesson). Thank you so much for being the friend that you are and may God bless you.

Beryl Lee

"I expected an intensive course, and there's a lot of ground covered in four weeks, but I was surprised by the quality and the holistic/human course delivery. The trainer was very generous. Provided a model of how to create an environment for growth and learning. Generously shared knowledge and skills. Offered support, time, respected individual styles. Always there, always present, always herself. The accommodation was perfect. Good to have a quiet space and all the hotel spaces for meeting and chatting. There is nothing I read before coming on the course that prepared me for the potential for personal growth that Mihaela made possible. Maybe you could find the words cos' I can't. Thank you for being here."

Paul Williamson

"Amazing! Couldn't have wished for a more relaxed welcoming atmosphere. Everything is in one place: school, rooms, pool, pool bar. So important on such an intensive course. Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of ESOL teaching. Always calm and able to answer any questions put to her Support was excellent even when our trainer was very busy she would stop and help. Never made us feel like we couldn't knock on her door. Mihaela and Victor were the perfect hosts. I will highly recommend both the course and the hotel to anyone interested in a TESOL course. "

Terry Engel

"The course was better than I expected. Course content very thorough. Trainer awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. Always on hand and glad to help. Accommodation perfect, could not have asked for better!"

Esther Knight

"After researching various TESOL courses I decided to train with INTESOL because they ran a distance learning course that was affordable and that gave me the flexibility to complete the work over a longer period of time. My only dilemma was whether this qualification would be accepted worldwide and stand up against the well known Trinity and Cambridge TEFL certificates. Lynda Hazelwood, the Course Director at INTESOL, assured me that the qualification was accredited through the correct channels and that I shouldn't find any difficulties finding excellent contracts with the INTESOL Certificate in TESOL.

I found the course easy to follow, and if I needed help with anything I just needed to pick up the phone and ask for advice, one of the team at INTESOL would always call me back and spend as much time as I needed on the phone to go through exercises or grammar points that I was unsure of. The course materials were interesting and gave me the knowledge that I needed to begin Teaching English as a Second Language.

I qualified as an ESOL Teacher with INTESOL in 1998 and immediately found employment with a Language School in my home town of Plymouth. Since that time I've worked in numerous Language schools from Summer Schools to Business Schools Teaching English at Masters Level, including schools in foreign countries such as Thailand and France. The INTESOL Certificate in TESOL has been invaluable and has enabled me to travel and work, as well as helping me to secure employment within the National Education System in England.

Matt Oliver

"After a bit of research on ways of getting a TESOL qualification I decided to go with INTESOL because of the flexibility that the remote learning course offered me. It was everything that I hoped it would be, thorough, detailed and challenging, and it is set up in such a way that help is always at hand if you need it.

My tutor, Vince, was a star and was always on the end of an email for advice or guidance on little things I could improve and the other staff were just as helpful, regardless of how awkward my questions might be. As it is a distance learning course you do have to be self-motivated and put the hours in, but it's a great way to learn.

Finally, INTESOL even helped me to find a teaching placement near to where I live and set everything up for me, so all I had to do was go and teach! Although I thought this might be made more difficult because of the way I gained my teaching qualification, it was really easy and everything I'd learned slipped into place so that my placement school offered me a job! I don't think that would have happened if I'd gained by qualification any other way or with any other company. Thanks Lynda, and thanks Vince."

Suzanne Sutherland

"I've enjoyed working with my tutor, Vince Ferrer, and I greatly appreciate his comments and suggestions. I hope I can be the effective teacher that he has nurtured me to be! There is hopefully a teaching job in South Korea for me so my TESOL certificate will be of great use to me. Many thanks."

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