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TEFL And TESOL Courses in India: Making a Difference: An Attempt to Throw a Light

TEFL And TESOL Courses in India: Making a Difference: An Attempt to Throw a Light

TEFL Course

After the colonial rule in India, the latter witnessed a marked development in the area of English Language. To give a further boost to the language, initiatives were taken. The language was introduced in the academic level. It was meant for all. Learning a language is really a matter of pride and honor. Different courses were introduced to benefit the mass and encourage honing their skills in the King's language. Gradually some disappeared and some stayed back as usual.

However, amid everything, a couple of courses were introduced and they are still discovered to be reining the heart and soul of the millions. They are TEFL and TESOL, completely different in approach, style, presentation and above all structure. The course materials are designed in an apt manner to meet the growing demands of the aspiring candidates. After all people always look for the best option and so there is no doubt that the dual courses have been able to live up to the expectations of all and sundry!

TEFL Course

Opportunities, Fees, Institutes, Pay Packet: A Blend for the Career Rise

As the interest grows up, more and more people are enrolling themselves to turn their dreams into reality! Institutes have been set up across the country. Faculty team has been appointed. Each is an expert at the domain. People are coming to train themselves before they start making a quest for the right job. However, the successful completion of the course will fetch you recognition, globally recognized and there will be no further constraint for getting your 'dream job'. The TEFL/TESOL certificate is not only for teaching in schools. The main focus of this course is to teach in language institutes for all age group, IELTS teacher/examiner, Corporate Trainer, Business communication Trainer and also for online teaching. Doors open up. Ranging from a director of a reputed academic firm to a teacher in a private of public school to becoming a tour guide to setting up of one's own firm, everything is properly garnished on the plate ready to be served with a touch of pure delight! But the fees are high.

Still it is widely believed that if your goal is to make yourself, prove yourself in the long run, fees should not matter! On the other hand, it is interesting enough to note that the Placement cell is also encouraging the women section to become tour guides, create blogs and earn recognition! Indeed a hand in glove relation between learning and earning. ‘Women Empowerment' is the order of the day. In fact places like Delhi and Bangalore are blessed with these unique courses. A sure shot in the career rise, backed by your devotion, dedication and discipline. So never allow yourself to be disoriented. Focus on what you want, what you deserve and the sequence will automatically follow for betterment!


Crisis persists. The Pandemic has disrupted the educational system. Interest has flagged to a certain extent. But the journey should not stop. The targets should not be missed. The vision should not get blurred. The success is assured. The ground under your feet will strengthen to help you keep your promises to make your tomorrow, basking in the open sunshine. ALL THE BEST!!

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