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The Prospects of TEFL Course in India

The Prospects of TEFL Course in India

TEFL Course

What is the Key Idea of TEFL?

With the passage of time, as the colour and texture of profession are changing, it has really become a herculean task to opt for the right choice! But there is nothing to worry about to such a great extent as new vistas are being opened in the job jungle without any further doubt. One of them is surely the arrival of TEFL (Teaching English as foreign Language). English is a global international language but there are various countries like Brazil and China where English is not so widely spoken or written as a communication mode. This attempt caters a chance on a wider scale to promote English even at the farthest corner of the world.

Who can Do TEFL?

The door is indeed opened for those who are fresh graduates and have an inclination to come in the teaching industry. But perseverance is also required, no matter how much efficient or talented the person is. Moreover, it is interesting to note that the cut throat competitive ambience hardly meddles with its affairs. Besides it is not like the teaching of English in most of the institutes. A definite pattern, a well carved out plan and above all an execution of the scheme are all the more necessary ingredients in the whole story.

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The Future Prospects:

As TEFL is acquiring popularity day by day, the prospect is undoubtedly bright, especially for those who want to raise their standard of living, apart from earning a few silver bucks at the end of the month. Besides, the financial growth, the individuals dreaming of coming to this noble profession can equip themselves to be employed in various English medium private schools, the start up teaching organisations or in any other institute where this language is given the utmost importance over anything else! The perks offered are lucrative. Additional facilities are also being improvised including the teaching methodology, keeping in mind the individuals likes and preferences. In other words, keeping the traditional mode of teaching the language, TEFL indeed acts a ray of hope for the beginners as well as the advanced and post advanced.


Language and thought are intertwined with one another. If the language is fluent and devoid of clumsiness, thought would be poured out quite at ease. To simply the English Language in the modern context is the only and absolute idea of TEFL. But there is factor to be reckoned with and that is there is a lack of sponsorships and the biggest irony is they still keep their faith on the traditional method of imparting lessons on English to others. The barrier has to be either broken or removed. It must not be forgotten that "change is the essence of anything". Flexibility is the sole mantra here. English Language is definitely to grow and mature, not only to help us to earn our breads but also to bridge the gap which is still in the present tense!!

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