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Top Five Differences Between Montessori Teacher Training And Other Teacher Training

Top Five Differences Between Montessori Teacher Training And Other Teacher Training

Montessori Teacher Training Course

A teacher is the originator of society. Therefore, our teachers have to be adequately trained as they will create societies of coming generation.

Montessori learning centers utilize specially designed learning tools and follow a unique course curriculum necessary for providing optimal learning environment for the overall development of children. The main purpose of Montessori teacher training program is to make such teachers who will be able to establish self-esteem, sense of harmony, independence, and confidence in a child while also nurturing learning at his own understanding level.

In Montessori schools, children learn faster as they actively engage themselves in their learning process and not acting as passive recipients of knowledge. The result of such a method is a self-regulating classroom, in which tensions and arguments are resolved mostly by the children themselves.

Montessori Teacher Training

Five factors that make Montessori Education different from Traditional Education:

  • Study Environment: The study environment of Montessori Education is designed according to the individual needs of the students like Montessori materials and furniture are ergonomically planned, aligned with children’s growth. The ideal environment is having fascinating wall pictures, vibrant paints, abundant work stations, tables and floor rugs where toddlers and children can play and learn using various cultural materials.

  • Active Learning: Montessori education aims to make active learners. The infants and kids get to learn lessons through joyful hands on learning experiments. Thus a Montessori training program is a must for teachers to help students explore new ways of learning through observation and practically doing the class activity. Active student participation helps children learn skills of resolving problem peacefully. In regular teacher training, training is provided for a teacher to orate the planned lessons to the students who need to listen passively and memorize it.

  • Giving them their Time: Children in Montessori education are given tasks to be accomplished in indefinite time as long as they need, without teacher’s interruption though under supervision. This aspect of Montessori teaching fosters development of children mental growth and gives them a sense of pride in accomplishing a task by them. Montessori teacher training gives a teacher the skill of mentoring a kid to complete his assigned work without the help of others, giving them the required time they need, thus developing a child’s cognitive behavior. In traditional classroom teaching, students are bounded by a set time frame within which they have to finish their allocated task.

  • The Role of the Teacher: In case of Montessori education, teachers recognize the emotional aspect of a child and act as guides to them, giving individualized attention to each student, helping the kids to develop on their own learning path. Teachers move around in the classroom, providing ideas, suggestions to kids with the aim of providing an individualized learning plan to each student. In traditional teaching system, the role of a teacher is limited to offering lessons on scheduled basis. Teachers deliver a planned lesson at a speed which a kid may not be able to keep track with.

  • Interest in Learning: The Montessori curriculum teaching has the ability to make learning interesting for kids and toddlers. Children in Montessori schools learn by touching and handling ergonomically designed study materials. A Montessori teacher’s job is to gently guide the kids on how to use the materials thus, children learn to love learning. Traditional school requires students to listen passively to teachers and a student’s potential is judged by his test performance.

The methods of Montessori Teacher Training have to be an amalgamation of technical impartment of education and love and affection on the other hand to handle toddlers and infants. Getting a dedicated training in Montessori system of teaching is thus a necessity to understand the toddlers’ emotions.

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