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We provide a 24x7 online tutor support for our trainees. It will allow you to remain in touch with our experienced tutors at any point of time. Our tutors are always happy to help you out with your doubts and queries while you are pursuing the program from our institution. We have realized that students cannot learn everything on their own by reading books or any study material provided during the course. There should be dedicated people who can guide in the best manner possible with external knowledge and experience. You must get some practical support and conversation to discuss about ideas and learn more. Hence we have hired the best tutors in this relative area of education so you get a guidance of top quality. Our tutors are not only dedicated to clear your doubts but they try to listen to your ideas & problems and come up with the best solution so you may find the best guidance in terms of career navigation. At times a moral support and boost is important to step into a career where you need to deliver every day. Hence you will be given every bit of independence to ask any question related to the program and learning and tutors will help you with the best possible answer. As a matter of fact you will get any information related to TEFL program, you will get it at any point of time as the support service is available 24 hours, every day. Thus we have designed a facility where you can mail to the tutors or chat or go for live video calling service. Once in a while it might happen that the tutor is unavailable at that particular moment exactly when you require their assistance then you are always welcome to give us a call at our toll free number. You will get an immediate response and your need will be taken care of by the team of professionals.

Own evaluation and guidance

We believe that evaluation is a two way process. So we do not evaluate the trainees only but also we evaluate our team of professionals. We take the comments from students seriously and act upon that to upgrade our own quality that will eventually reflect on the service we feature to our students. On the other hand we do not feature online tutor support for resolving the queries of our students but it can be beneficial to get a guidance for right path. Apart from the complete knowledge on the program you will also get to know about the job opportunities you may have on successful completion of the course. The job assistance will not only give you a moral boost but you will also get to know what exact role would be the perfect choice for your career. If you have something in particular as your teaching career option, you may get a quality guidance from your tutor about how to close down your goal. As teaching English as a foreign language is a huge responsibility and the teacher needs confidence to stand in a global classroom and deliver quality performance on a regular basis hence developing the professional skills plays an important role. You can always consider your tutor as your role model as he or she is the professional expert and holds huge experience and they can surely uplift your personality and give you confidence to deliver. The development of skills will include every bit of details like how you will talk, how you will walk, how you will stand and every other details.

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