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INTESOL Branches

INTESOL Branches

INTESOL is a reputed teacher training institute that prepares future teachers with required skills to teach English abroad. The institute features globally certified TEFL/TESOL courses those are accredited by international bodies. INTESOL has a global presence in various parts of the world to prepare teachers from all corners of the globe and put a massive effort on the huge demand for certified EFL teachers.

Global Teacher Training (GTT) Academy Pvt Ltd is an official Master Franchisee of INTESOL in India that takes care of all INTESOL activities in the sub-continent.

AYC Intercultural Programs Thailand is an official franchise of INTESOL that takes care of INTESOL branch in Bangkok. This organization has the license to sell our franchises to other Far East countries and increase our reach. INTESOL has other branches in countries like Bolivia, Cyprus, Hong Kong and Qatar that effectively covers growing nations featuring strong demand for qualified EFL teachers.

We have few master franchises that makes our global reach even bigger and better. All our master franchises have the authority to sell franchises all over the country and make a larger network. The master franchises offers flexible online TEFL course and job assistance. Our master franchises are located in India, Russia, Japan, Iran, Nicaragua and South Africa.

TutorABC and Gold Star Recruitment are the agents of INTESOL. TutorABC is one of the largest online language schools and Gold Star is one of the leading teacher recruitment company in China. INTESOL is working with them closely that has a beneficial aspect for our candidates.

** If you are interested to become our agent, please contact our course director via email at enquiry@intesolindia.com and Mobile/ Whatsapp No - 09674933512

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