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INTESOL India is seeking interested partners across major cities in India for franchisee oppurtunities.

Apply for a franchise and get a chance to become a part of 23 years of experienced and success story with INTESOL Worldwide.

TEFL teaching and training is one of the leading sectors among educational industry which is growing in a significant speed year after year despite of the numerous changes of economical situation throughout the world. The demand of a certified English language teachers are always at a high phase in global market, therefore, the investments for the TEFL training remains stable everywhere. This makes this opportunity to invest into TEFL training more reliable with a greater ROI.

With long years of experience (over 23 years), the INTESOL Worldwide has gained significant amount market knowledge and experience.

INTESOL Worldwide branches are well spread across different location around the world like Russia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, Bolivia,UK, Iran and India.

INTESOL Worldwide always looks for an opportunity to tie up with established language schools or professional institutes to strengthen and expand the reach of their global network.

Benefits of becoming a part of INTESOL Worldwide:

Lower start up cost

The chance to become a part of one of the most successful brand in TEFL teaching spread across the world over last 23 years. This will surly help an investor to eliminate the initial hassles of brand establishment as he/ she will enjoy the recognition of an already established brand worldwide.

Each and every course provided by INTESOL Worldwide is accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a renowned organization based in United Kingdom considered to be a supreme institute in the ELT industry, which will be one of the most prominent USPs to attract students from every corner.

The courses provided by INTESOL Worldwide are made easy and simple for the students with an easy to use format for both the online and onsite courses.

INTESOL Worldwide launches centralized marketing campaigns which covers and provide benefits to all franchise; therefore, the cost of promotion will be less for the franchises.

INTESOL Worldwide franchise charges are not too large and include full commitment and support from the organization, as it believes on the mutual and beneficial partnership between both the organizations to grow as an INTESOL family worldwide and share the success together.

For any more information on INTESOL Worldwide franchises please feel free to reach us at enquiry@intesolindia.com

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