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The world of education has seen many changes over the period of time. It is all being a part of human race and existence. Humans have shaped their life according to the time and social changes. Communication has always been an important part of human race and the importance has increased big time as connecting with people has become something real easy. In this age of globalization, the world has become a global village and English has been elected as the functional language as it has an existing wide reach. Hence the interest for learning English has increased insatiably and the demand for teachers has grown accordingly.

Even couple of years back, apart from all the native English speaking countries there were few countries where English used to be treated as an important language. Very few people from other countries used to learn English and that too as a result of personal interest. But the scenario has changed big time. Nowadays people are willing to learn English as they can feel the importance of global communication in both personal and professional aspect of life.

With time the teaching pattern has changed a lot. It has become lot more practical and technical. The old traditional methods are not in use anymore. As the revolution in the digital world has taken place with internet, computer and smartphone; learning has gone online. Hence learning has become easy, less time consuming and flexible. One can learn anything at any corner of the globe, at their own space and at their own pace. It is remarkable and helpful inclusion in the platform of learning.

On the other hand, teaching English as a foreign language is also way different from the traditional form of teaching as the teacher needs to deal with effective English. There is no age limit of the students. Anyone can learn English at any point of time. As the students are mostly speaker of other language hence teaching pattern is different. EFL has its own methodology, style, structure and techniques. Students mostly do not will to move somewhere else or spend some prime time in learning English as mostly they are employed. They generally will to learn English at their leisure and add as skill to their resume. Hence learning online is a great option for the working students. Hence the demand for online English teachers has increased massively.

Teaching English as a foreign language requires training that trains the teachers with the latest methods of teaching and EFL techniques. Professional training can open up a huge doorway of success as it features knowledge over the subject matter along with recognition of that. Teaching English online requires all different set of skills as reaching to students with ideas and making them understand virtually requires credibility. Also executing the entire subject matter is also important that requires expertise in order to produce effective result. A professional training on online EFL teaching could be a great help as teaching online is the near future. You may teach English online professionally as the demand features huge prospect lately.

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