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If you cherish an ambition of becoming a teacher since long then here awaits a great career opportunity. Teaching English in the foreign countries can satiate the wanderlust in you while continuing with the noble profession.

And we are here to help you in this endeavour with professional training and accreditation. INTESOL is one of the trusted and dedicated teacher training institutes offering TEFL courses to equip you to succeed in your dream career of teaching English abroad. The most amazing part about the job is you can encounter the new cultures, different lifestyle, various food types, and adventure.

At INTESOL we have carefully customized and designed TEFL/ TESOL courses to be most impactful for the aspirant and working EFL teachers. If you are new to this English teaching field, you can be benefited learning professional teaching process while you are already into it you can always sharpen your skills here. This can aid you in getting the most suitable teaching job from around the world and excel in it.

The endearing thing about INTESOL is we provide online TEFL/ TESOL and you can go through courses as per your convenience from any place across the globe at your preferred time and pace. This can be a great step to pursue your desired teaching career.

We also offer effective classroom TEFL/TESOL courses designed for wannabe teachers looking for practical classroom training options. These courses will give you experiences of live classroom activities and learn the skill better.

INTESOL is a one-stop solution for various teacher training requirements. The various tailor-made courses here also include Pre and Primary Teaching. This course is specially created to provide proper training and skills to the educators interested to shape the rudimentary steps of the students. Providing early childhood training requires expert skills to understand and help the students to learn. Also available online!

All courses in INTESOL are designed with complete conviction so that it can completely educate the to-be teachers in the best possible way, making them potent enough to upgrade their skills. The knowledge and professional training infuse the teachers with great confidence to acquire a respectable English teaching jab in any corner of the world with the highest credibility.

On completing the course successfully, the candidates are accredited with a globally recognized certificate that will make them eligible for teaching abroad. So if you are interested to enjoy the travel along with a lucrative English teaching career, enroll now! Grab the opportunity right away!